Our hotel in Mannheim city center pampers sightseeing guests

Whether you're soaking in historical sights at the Mannheim Baroque Palace or enjoying a live theatre performance at the National Theater, our hotel in Mannheim city center is an ideal location. Head out to the National Theater and Kunsthalle for a night of culture or take in the beauty of the Rhine and Neckar rivers. Check out some of our suggestions for nearby attractions below.

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Congress Center Rosengarten

0.2 mi / 0.32 km from the hotel
Attend a conference or concert by an international artist at this 18th-century Art Nouveau concert hall, sometimes called m:con, which doubles as a congress center.
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0.29 mi / 0.46 km from the hotel
See modern artworks here, including paintings by artists like Caspar David Friedrich and Vincent van Gogh, as well as more contemporary international exhibitions.
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Water Tower

0.2 mi / 0.33 km from the hotel
Take a photo in front of Mannheim's most iconic landmark, featuring fountains and arcades in Art Nouveau style. At night it is lit up, offering a romantic view.
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Mannheim Baroque Palace

0.57 mi / 0.92 km from the hotel
One of Mannheim's main attractions is its impressive Baroque Palace, which dates back to the 18th century and is the second largest in Europe. Once used as the residence for the Roman electorates, part of the palace is used as a university today. A tour of the palace is a must-do in Mannheim.

Reiss Engelhorn Museum

0.54 mi / 0.86 km from the hotel
Located at the heart of Mannheim, the Reiss Engelhorn Museum, or REM, is the home to over 1 million objects and artefacts. Comprised of multiple buildings, explore many exhibits ranging from fine arts to world cultures. For art or history buffs, don't miss out on the REM!