Meeting technology

Enjoy modern conference equipment and innovative technologies at Radisson Blu. At the touch of a button, all your meeting notes can be digitalized and video conferencing can take place via the mega-tablet. 3-D presentation formats and silent laser projectors ensure a smooth process and maximum productivity. For a quick connection, high-speed wireless internet access is provided throughout the hotel. Experience state-of-the-art conference planning by our dedicated Meetings & Events coordinators.


Transcribing notes is a thing of the past! Make your life easier with DigiChart. With the aid of this innovative technology, you can digitize flip chart notes with one click. 

Don't worry any longer about time-consuming tasks such as typing up meeting notes, photocopying or scanning large pages. Now you can create information and ideas and share and collaborate with others in real time via Plug and Play. Some people still use flip charts, but we prefer smart charts.


Press to impress! Presentation, video conference or whiteboard, the Multipad combines all these within one interactive mega-tablet with a 55-inch 1080p full HD screen. Making the best impression at digital conferences is at your fingertips. You can work with several programs, present and exchange various documents, formats and graphics via touch, save notes and memos, send them via email and more.

Multipad is interactive and international. For a large, on-site audience, there is a silent laser projector at your disposal, as well as augmented reality for impressive presentation content in 3-D format. And thanks to real-time sharing, your meetings can be broadcast from Amsterdam to Zurich. Use our stream team for guaranteed success!

Internet included for conference participants

We provide the perfect connection for your internet needs, whether in the conference room, in the lobby or in your room. High-speed wireless internet access is available for all conference participants throughout the entire hotel. 

Make the most of our state-of-the-art conference technology to which you can connect with one click on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Need more bandwidth? For meetings where large data volumes could be necessary, you have the flexibility to add a high-speed internet connection to your booking.