Experience culture and history in Beirut

Exploring Beirut downtown and its surrounding along with its historic wonders. A nearby walk to the Corniche seaside promenade from the hotel boost your mood for the rest of the day. Of course, what's a trip to Beirut without some Leabnese Mezze and some souvenirs. Be sure to explore the Zaitunay Bay and Rawshe rock. Check out some of our suggestions for nearby attractions below.

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Beirut National Museum

1.97 mi / 3.18 km from the hotel
Travel back in time to the prehistoric age and be taken through to the Roman, Byzantine, and Mamluk periods. Expect to see ancient sculptures, jewelry, and artifacts, which have been lovingly preserved and curated.
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Jeita Grotto

9.01 mi / 14.5 km from the hotel
These natural rock formations are a wonder of nature. Jeita Grotto is so significant to the Lebanese people that it has come to be a recognizable national symbol and is must-visit attraction for anyone visiting the region.
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Beirut Central District

0.89 mi / 1.43 km from the hotel
Explore Lebanon's vibrant capital from its historical and cultural heart. The Central District, or downtown, is home to Zaitunay Bay at one end and the city's souks and mosques at the opposite side. Wander the scenic neighborhoods and visit the museums, mosques, and city squares along the way.

Corniche Beirut

1.29 mi / 2.08 km from the hotel
Go for a scenic jog, bike ride, or walk along the Mediterranean Sea on this bustling promenade. The route also takes you past some of Beirut's iconic locations, like downtown and the rocks at Raouché.

Rock of Raouché

1.46 mi / 2.36 km from the hotel
Also known as Pigeon Rocks, the coast by these natural landmarks offers a beautiful place to take pictures or enjoy a scenic sunset. Nearby, seaside terraces let you enjoy the view with a meal or drink.

Zaitunay Bay

0.34 mi / 0.55 km from the hotel
Enjoy the sun and sea views while grabbing a snack or meal at Zaitunay Bay. The bay is home to multiple restaurants for every taste, whether wanting to try local or international flavors. It's also an excellent spot to do a little shopping and snap unique photos.