Explore the wonders of Najran

Our hotel is conveniently located in the Al Fahad District, close to shopping centers and eateries. Nearby you can visit some of the attractions of the area, such as the Turki Al Madi Palace or the Castle Mountain Raum. Right by the hotel watch a football match at Najran Football Stadium. Read more details about our suggestions below.

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Castle Mountain Raum

0.17 mi / 0.28 km from the hotel
Hike up the highest mountain in the region to an ancient fortress and enjoy a bird's eye view of the city. Don't miss the amusement events held there in summer!
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Najran Football Stadium

1.77 mi / 2.84 km from the hotel
Enjoy the unique experience of attending a football match at the city's local stadium and cheer for your favorite team among the locals.
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Bi’r Hima

49.2 mi / 79.19 km from the hotel
Explore Saudi Arabia's archaeological heritage by visiting this ancient Paleolithic and Neolithic site with rock art spanning thousands of years.
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