Responsible Business - Community


Our team members, partners and guests around the world work together to support our communities.

Think community

Radisson Hotel Group aims to create relationships which are beneficial to our business and the communities in which we operate. We recognize that there are important social needs in many of these communities. Our goal is to have a positive impact on communities by creating shared value.
Odpowiedzialny biznes - dziecko z Indii

Wsparcie społeczności

W Radisson Hotel Group cenimy pozytywne i konstruktywne działania. Nasi pracownicy wspierają tę inicjatywę na wszystkich szczeblach: od poszczególnych hoteli po biura korporacyjne. Koncentrujemy się głównie na pomaganiu dzieciom, młodzieży i rodzinom, starając się zapewnić im wykształcenie oraz trwałe schronienie. W 2019 roku członkowie naszych zespołów wsparli organizacje non profit z całego świata, przeznaczając na ich rzecz 43 000 godzin pracy w wolontariacie i ponad 1,3 mln USD.
Responsible Business - Teamwork

Support our partners

We invite you to join us in our efforts to make a positive difference. One way you can participate is by donating your Radisson Rewards points to support our charitable initiatives. Visit Radisson Rewards to contribute to our partner organizations such as First Climate.
Responsible Business - Community Action Month

Community Action Month

Each year, we celebrate Community Action Month by finding ways to positively impact our communities. The initiative brings together hotel and corporate office teams from across the globe to contribute to local communities, serving their neighbors with the same passion and dedication that they employ when serving our guests. Our goal is to bring attention to local initiatives that can make a real difference in each community.
Responsible Business - Community Crisis Response

Crisis response

When a community crisis occurs, our hotels are on the front lines, stepping in to help as needed. Our local teams provide and serve meals and water, collect and donate clothing, furniture and other items. We are there for those affected by devastating events and natural disasters impacting communities around the globe.
Responsible Business - Water

Water, sanitation and hygiene

To help tackle worldwide water stress, Radisson Hotel Group supports local communities in water scarce areas globally, by helping to provide safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene. One example of our commitment to global water health is our partnership with Just a Drop, an international water aid that works to bring safe drinking water to water-stressed communities. Every time a guest chooses to reuse their towels for a second night, participating hotels donate to Just a Drop, funding projects such as digging wells, installing pumps, and implementing sanitation tools.