Explore beyond the beaten path in Brussels

Discover our selection of neighbourhoods, points of interest, and local favorites not to be missed during your stay in Europe's capital.

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Boulevard de Waterloo

0.54 mi / 0.87 km from the hotel
Boulevard de Waterloo and Avenue de la Toison d'Or form the inescapable shopping mile, The Champs Elysées of Brussels. Treat yourself to a day of shopping at major high-street stores and brands.

The Royal Palace & Park

0.55 mi / 0.88 km from the hotel
Don't miss the chance to visit the place where Belgium's King works from. Located in the largest public park of the city, Royal Palace is a delight to visit in the summer and a great experience all year round.
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Place Saint-Boniface

0.35 mi / 0.56 km from the hotel
Place Saint Boniface is a buzzing gastronomy scene filled with terraces, bistros, restaurants and small independent shops. Experience culinary delight with a wide selection of restaurants boasting different cuisines to choose from.

Place Flagey

0.69 mi / 1.11 km from the hotel
Looking to visit somewhere lively and filled with excellent local and international food? Then visit Place Eugène Flagey and experience one of the trendiest and liveliest parts of the Ixelles district.

Place du Châtelain

1.01 mi / 1.63 km from the hotel
The Châtelain District is an upscale area and one of the favorite places of residence of the expatriate community in Brussels. There are many independent shops, bars and restaurants, and beautiful townhouses.

Mont des Arts

0.82 mi / 1.32 km from the hotel
The Mont des Arts boasts one of the most beautiful views of the capital, especially when it comes to admiring the sunsets from the top of the steps that lead to a small landscaped park.

Grand Place

1.12 mi / 1.81 km from the hotel
Visit the spectacular town square of Brussels to admire the grand structures surrounding it and enjoy different events that take place here. Considered to be among the most beautiful town squares of Europe, Grand Place is one of the first stops tourists make in the city.
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European Quarter

0.13 mi / 0.2 km from the hotel
The European quarter in Brussels is made up of lively squares, original shops, relaxing green spaces, interesting museums, charming restaurants, and architectural highlights. Don't miss out on this buzzing social hub when you visit Brussels.