Enjoy beautiful views from your Khajuraho hotel room

Make yourself at home in our village when you reserve one of the 86 rooms or four suites at Radisson Jass Khajuraho. Brew a cup of tea or coffee, don a plush bathrobe, and relax in bed while you watch the flat-screen TV or research local attractions using free Wi-Fi. After completing a work assignment at the desk, you can reward yourself with a beverage from the minibar and then linger on the balcony while you take in the pool or garden views. Stay stress-free with the help of essential amenities like 24-hour room service. Accessible rooms, adjoining rooms, and additional beds are available by request.

Accessibility features
We understand that accessibility is important to our guests. Please contact the hotel to confirm if an accessible room will meet your needs or if you have other questions.

Check-in 2:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 PM

Room types

  • size:19 m²
  • max. guests:3 adults
Radisson Jass Khajuraho - Deluxe Room
  • 19 m²
  • max. guests: 3 adults

A balcony with garden or pool views provides a great place to enjoy coffee or a nightcap in our deluxe room with one king, one queen, or two twin beds. A minibar and coffeemaker enable you to savor your favorite drinks, and a 32-inch LCD TV provides entertainment. With a mobile desk and ottoman, you can create a comfortable spot if you need to work. Smoking rooms are available. Other amenities include:

  • 24-hour room service
  • Separate bathtub and shower
  • size:33.5 m²
  • max. guests:3 adults,1 child (0-11)
Radisson Jass Khajuraho - Deluxe Suite
  • 33.5 m²
  • max. guests: 3 adults, 1 child (0-11)

Make a special occasion even more memorable in a deluxe suite with a whirlpool tub and king bed. Lounge in the living room with a cocktail from the room's full bar, or chill out on the balcony with a garden or pool view. With a 42-inch plasma TV and room service, you can stay in for a movie night. In addition to all deluxe room amenities, this suite offers a walk-in closet and a dining area. Smoking rooms are available.

  • size:21 m²
  • max. guests:3 adults
Radisson Jass Khajuraho - Business Class Room
  • 21 m²
  • max. guests: 3 adults

Featuring a free breakfast each morning and a complimentary drink voucher each evening, our Business Class rooms feature a king bed and upgraded amenities specifically designed with business travelers in mind. You can relax after a day of meetings by watching your favorite shows on the 32-inch LCD TV or hop online using free Wi-Fi to surf the web. In addition to all deluxe room amenities, these smoking rooms include:

  • 1,000 bonus Radisson Rewards points per night
  • Separate bathtub and shower