Explore museums, festivals, and more things to do in Khajuraho

From the breathtaking Pandav Falls to the inspiring State Museum of Tribal and Folk Arts, Khajuraho offers guests an endless list of exciting things to do. Choose a comfortable room or suite at Radisson Jass Khajuraho to be less than five kilometers from the Civil Aerodrome Khajuraho airport (HJR) and the city center. When you're ready to explore, discover larger-than-life statues at the Western Group of Temples and marvel at the artifacts telling the story of India at the Archaeological Museum. You can also go on a safari through Panna National Park or immerse yourself in local culture by attending seasonal events like the Khajuraho Dance Festival and the Deepawali Festival.

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Archaeological Museum

0.72 mi / 1.16 km from the hotel
What began in 1910 as a collection of sculptures and religious artifacts from ruined local temples has now grown into the expansive Archaeological Museum, an open-air presentation of Indian artifacts and artwork.

Raneh Waterfall

8.62 mi / 13.87 km from the hotel
This series of falls includes dozens of large and small waterfalls. Over time, the water has carved out a 30-meter deep canyon made of layers of granite that range in color from red and pink to green, grey, and white.

State Museum of Tribal and Folk Arts

1.05 mi / 1.7 km from the hotel
Browse more than 500 pieces of Indian art, including terracotta, jewellery and masks, at this museum inside the Chandela Cultural Complex. The museum is dedicated to educating visitors about the art and culture of Madhya Pradesh's Native tribes.

Western Group of Khajuraho Temples

0.71 mi / 1.14 km from the hotel
A UNESCO World Heritage site, these Hindu and Jain temples include stunning sculptures of different deities, and the Kandariya Mahadev Temple alone features more than 870 beautiful statues.

Pandav Falls

12.01 mi / 19.32 km from the hotel
These 30-meter high falls, located inside Panna National Park, are fed by local springs, so you can see the waterfalls all year long. The falls are also famous as the temporary home of the Pandavas from the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Panna National Park

17.45 mi / 28.08 km from the hotel
Whether you choose a calm boat tour or a thrilling Jeep safari through the teak and Indian ebony forests, you're sure to enjoy your adventure through this national park. You may even catch a glimpse of a graceful Indian gazelle or a sambar deer!