Top things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

During your stay at Palace Hotel Tallinn, you will be spoiled for choice with things to do and see around the city. Located just a few minutes from the hotel is the city’s mesmerizing Old Town, which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. In the Old Town, you'll find original cobblestone streets dotted with medieval churches and grandiose merchant houses, barns, and warehouses - many of which date back to the Middle Ages. Discover more nearby attractions below.

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

0.32 mi / 0.51 km from the hotel
This magnificent, well-maintained cathedral in the heart of Tallinn is the main Russian Orthodox cathedral in Estonia. Dating back to 1900, the cathedral is richly decorated both inside and out, with a mixed historicist style. Listen out for the church bells during your stay in Tallinn.

Seaplane Harbour and Maritime Museum

1.34 mi / 2.15 km from the hotel
Best known for its architecturally unique Seaplane Hangars, this harbour was built over a century ago and is now home to Estonia’s extensive, high-tech Maritime Museum for collecting, preserving, studying, and presenting Estonian maritime culture and history.

Tallinn Old Town

0.52 mi / 0.84 km from the hotel
Take a stroll through charming cobblestone streets and admire the medieval city's whimsical architecture while learning about its history and culture.

Kadriorg Park

1.52 mi / 2.45 km from the hotel
Explore the most outstanding palatial and urban park in Estonia with its art museums, numerous monuments, swan pond, and impressive presidential palace.

Estonian National Opera

0.21 mi / 0.34 km from the hotel
Tallinn’s majestic, historical opera house is located in the heart of the city center and has established itself among Europe’s great opera houses. A temple of art and symbol of Estonian independence, visitors can explore the art nouveau building, or enjoy an hour-long tour before a performance.