Explore Eskisehir, a picture-perfect city with unique cultural attractions

Get your camera ready. Eskisehir is brimming with beautiful corners and streets. Go for a stroll along the scenic Porsuk River, which flows through the city. At Sazova Park, there is something for everyone, perfect when traveling with family - the kids might love the local zoo and castle. While staying at our hotel, you're also 3 kilometers from the city center, where you'll find many museums. Below are more suggestions for things to see and do in Eskisehir.

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Odunpazari Urban Site

1.64 mi / 2.64 km from the hotel
While visiting Eskisehir, travel to the city's southern hillside, where you'll find this beautifully-preserved community. These neighborhoods showcase Anatolian architecture, many features dating back to the Ottoman Empire.

Porsuk River

2.01 mi / 3.24 km from the hotel
The Porsuk River flows through Eskisehir and is crossed by beautiful bridges, making it a scenic part of the city. Go for a stroll along its banks, or enjoy the view from a local restaurant, shop, or park.

Sazova Park

1.46 mi / 2.35 km from the hotel
This family-friendly theme park offers a beautiful way to spend a day in Eskisehir. Get active with water sports at the pond, snap pictures of the fairytale castle, or learn something new at the Science Experiment Center, the zoo, or the science and arts park.

Çagdaş Museum of Glass Arts

1.66 mi / 2.68 km from the hotel
Enjoy Turkey’s first museum dedicated to contemporary glass art while visiting Eskisehir. Exhibits feature more than 100 pieces, including wall art and sculptures, created by hot glass blowing and cold glass forming techniques.

Yilmaz Buyukerşen Wax Sculptures Museum

1.68 mi / 2.7 km from the hotel
Get up close to live-like wax sculptures of important historical, political, and cultural people. From Marilyn Monroe to national and world leaders, there are approximately 200 statues at this unique museum.

OMM Odunpazarı Modern Museum

1.7 mi / 2.73 km from the hotel
Founded in 2019, the OMM is a contemporary and modern art project that features various collections from national and international artists. Explore the paintings, sculptures, and unique techniques that teach and inspire.