Discover charming Ferrara from our strategically located hotel

Conveniently set in front of Ferrara's railway station, you'll feel at ease when arriving at the Radisson Hotel Ferrara. Settle in to one of our rooms or suites and then head out to explore this Renaissance city. Many of the main landmarks are within a 16-minute leisurely walk or five minutes by bicycle. 

Enjoy thoughtful facilities 

Ideal for business and leisure travelers, our hotel boasts a range of amenities and facilities to make your stay more memorable. Don't forget to ask about our meeting rooms for your next business event, or unwind while working out in the gym. Our restaurant and bar also provide relaxing atmospheres where you can try local cuisine and delicious drinks.

Comfortable and stylish rooms and suites

Book one of our 85 rooms and suites the next time you visit Ferrara. From our Standard Room to the Suite, you'll find an ideal accommodation style for your trip. Accessibility is also important to us, and all of our rooms and spaces are accessible by wheelchair.
  •  17 m²
  • 1 double or 2 twin
  • 2 adults
Unwind in your comfortable Standard Room and enjoy the contemporary style and attentive details.
  •  21 m²
  • 1 double or 2 twin
  • 2 adults
Enjoy all of the amenities that come with the Standard Room but with more space.
  •  24 m²
  • 1 double or 2 twin
  • 2 adults
Our Premium Rooms are an excellent choice when planning a longer stay.
  •  40 m²
  • 1 double
  • 4 adults
Our Suite is ideal for couples planning a romantic getaway or small groups that need more space.

Meetings & Events

Your next meeting or event will be simply delightful at the Radisson Hotel Ferrara. Our two meeting rooms offer space for 40 seats and 50 seats respectively. Enjoy a range of equipment, including the audiovisual system and screen with projector, in addition to the free Wi-Fi.
Radisson - Meeting room


Although Ferrara is home to a plethora of restaurants and bars, you won't need to travel far for delicious Italian cuisine. Our hotel restaurant MED offers a blend of Mediterranean and local dishes in a laid-back environment. When you want a quick snack and a drink, our on-site bar is the place to go.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is plenty to see and do in Ferrara to keep you enthralled. Head to the impressive Castello Estense in the heart of the city center and learn about the branch of the Este family who once called this city home. The Palazzo dei Diamanti is another unique landmark where you will find two museums. Our hotel is also an excellent starting point from which to explore other Italian cities and villages.

Basilica Cattedrale di San Giorgio, Duomo di Ferrara

0.92 mi / 1.47 km from the hotel
Showcasing Romanesque and Gothic facades and Baroque features inside, the Basilica Cattedrale di San Giorgio is well worth visiting. Also known as the Ferrara Cathedral, this 12th-century is in the center of Ferrara and home to a museum.

Castello Estense

0.82 mi / 1.32 km from the hotel
The Castello de Estense, or Este Castle, is an imposing fortress in the heart of Ferrera that dates back to the end of the 14th century. Feel as if you've traveled through time at this landmark, complete with a surrounding moat, drawbridges, and decorated rooms and chambers.

Monastero di Sant'Antonio in Polesine

1.45 mi / 2.33 km from the hotel
The Monastero di Sant'Antonio in Polesine gets part of its name from its original location on an island in the Po River. Today this peaceful, inhabited monastery near the center of Ferrara is home to mesmerizing ceiling frescoes, courtyards, and the tomb of its founder, Beatrice d'Este.

Palazzo dei Diamanti

0.82 mi / 1.32 km from the hotel
The Palazzo dei Diamanti gets its name from its unique textured marble facade, carved to look like diamonds. Built at the turn of the 16th century, the building showcases Renaissance architecture. Inside, you'll find the Ferrera's National Gallery of Art or Pinacoteca Nazionale.

Palazzo Schifanoia

1.48 mi / 2.37 km from the hotel
This Romanesque palace once served as a retreat for Ferrara's royal Este family and consists of a 14th-century west wing and a 15th-century east wing. Today the Palazzo Schifanoia is a museum that houses a wide range of historical artifacts.

Torre dell'Orologio

0.87 mi / 1.41 km from the hotel
Ferrara's main square is home to a treasure trove of historical landmarks, including the city's Torre dell'Orologio (Clock Tower). Dating back to the Renaissance period, this impressive landmark showcases features from various centuries, including the 19th-century clock face.
Piazzale della Stazione, 11, Ferrara 44122, Italy

A convenient location in front of Ferrara's railway station and bus stops makes our hotel easily accessible by various forms of public transportation. The Radisson Hotel Ferrara can also be reached by car and you can park to the side of the building.

From Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport

By bus:

The hotel is approximately 45 kilometers from the Bologna Airport and is reachable by bus in an hour. The average ticket price is EUR 15.

From Ferrara railway station


The hotel's entrance is 100 meters from the city's main railway station.

From the Ferrara bus stop


The bus stop is in Piazzale della Stazione, the same square as the hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions


At Radisson Hotel Ferrara, check in is at 14:00 and check out is at 12:00.
Radisson Hotel Ferrara is located at Piazzale della Stazione, 11, Ferrara, Italy.
Yes, baggage storage is available at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
All Radisson hotels have cleanliness and sanitization measures in place to ensure the health, safety, and security of our guests. Learn more here:


Whether you’re looking for last-minute deals on business accommodations or planning ahead for a weekend getaway, you’ll find the best offers for Radisson Hotel Ferrara on our Deals Page.

Parking information

Yes, parking is available at Radisson Hotel Ferrara. The parking is located offsite at 150 meters from hotel. It is an outdoor parking with one entrance and one exit.
The maximum vehicle height permitted at Radisson Hotel Ferrara's parking is 2.70 meters.
Yes, at Radisson Hotel Ferrara there is a cost of EUR 8 per night for parking.
At Radisson Hotel Ferrara, 12 parking spots are available.
No, parking spots cannot be booked in advance at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
No, non-guests cannot use the parking at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
Yes, there is video surveillance at Radisson Hotel Ferrara's parking.
Yes, there are additional security measures at Radisson Hotel Ferrara's parking. Measures include: hotel key card recognition.
Yes, there are two electrical vehicle charging points available at Radisson Hotel Ferrara. The electrical vehicle chargers plugs types are: Type 3, 16 A and 32 A.


Yes, breakfast is available at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
Radisson Hotel Ferrara offers the following types of breakfast: a la carte, Grab & Go, room service, buffet.
At Radisson Hotel Ferrara, breakfast is served 06:30 am - 11:00 am from Monday to Friday and 07:00 am - 11:00 am on the weekends and public holidays. Room service breakfast is served 06:30 am - 11:00 am.
At Radisson Hotel Ferrara, breakfast is served at MED Restaurant.
At Radisson Hotel Ferrara, the price for breakfast is EUR 12 for adults and EUR 6 for children under 12 years old.
At Radisson Hotel Ferrara, we offer the following breakfast options for people with dietary restrictions: gluten free, lactose free, vegan, organic, vegetarian.
Yes, there are dining options available at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.

Pets policy

Yes, Radisson Hotel Ferrara is a pet-friendly hotel. However, please note pets are only allowed in rooms and certain common areas. Pets are not permitted in the lobby area.
Yes, guide dogs are allowed at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
Yes, service and emotional support dogs are allowed at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
Cats and dogs are welcome at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
Yes, at Radisson Hotel Ferrara there is an additional cost of EUR 25 per stay for pets.
At Radisson Hotel Ferrara, only one pet is allowed per room.
No, there are no set rules for pets in common areas at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
No, pets do not need a veterinary certificate to stay at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
Yes, there are ten designated pet-friendly rooms at Radisson Hotel Ferrara. Please note these may be subject to availability. Contact the hotel to book them in advance via email at .
No, pets cannot be left alone in the room at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
Yes, Radisson Hotel Ferrara offers specialized bedding for pets, along with food and water bowls.

Services and amenities

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
Yes, there is air conditioning at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.
The services available at Radisson Hotel Ferrara include: Accessibility, On-site dining, Fitness center, Pet friendly, Bar, Cots available, Laundry service, Breakfast, Concierge service, Luggage storage, Meeting facilities, Room service.

Meetings & Events

Yes, meeting and conference rooms are available at Radisson Hotel Ferrara.

Nearby attractions

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