Wander past impressive landmarks that make Ferrara a UNESCO World Heritage Site

When visiting Ferrara, get ready to dive into Renaissance heritage. The city's unique points of interest include the late 14th-century Castello Estense, the baroque-style Monastero di Sant'Antonio in Polesine, and the Palazzo Schifanoia, another palace built for the Este family. Perfect for solo travel, family adventures, and business trips, this walkable city also offers parks, in addition to restaurants and cafés.

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Basilica Cattedrale di San Giorgio, Duomo di Ferrara

0.92 mi / 1.47 km from the hotel
Showcasing Romanesque and Gothic facades and Baroque features inside, the Basilica Cattedrale di San Giorgio is well worth visiting. Also known as the Ferrara Cathedral, this 12th-century is in the center of Ferrara and home to a museum.

Castello Estense

0.82 mi / 1.32 km from the hotel
The Castello de Estense, or Este Castle, is an imposing fortress in the heart of Ferrera that dates back to the end of the 14th century. Feel as if you've traveled through time at this landmark, complete with a surrounding moat, drawbridges, and decorated rooms and chambers.

Monastero di Sant'Antonio in Polesine

1.45 mi / 2.33 km from the hotel
The Monastero di Sant'Antonio in Polesine gets part of its name from its original location on an island in the Po River. Today this peaceful, inhabited monastery near the center of Ferrara is home to mesmerizing ceiling frescoes, courtyards, and the tomb of its founder, Beatrice d'Este.

Palazzo dei Diamanti

0.82 mi / 1.32 km from the hotel
The Palazzo dei Diamanti gets its name from its unique textured marble facade, carved to look like diamonds. Built at the turn of the 16th century, the building showcases Renaissance architecture. Inside, you'll find the Ferrera's National Gallery of Art or Pinacoteca Nazionale.

Palazzo Schifanoia

1.48 mi / 2.37 km from the hotel
This Romanesque palace once served as a retreat for Ferrara's royal Este family and consists of a 14th-century west wing and a 15th-century east wing. Today the Palazzo Schifanoia is a museum that houses a wide range of historical artifacts.

Torre dell'Orologio

0.87 mi / 1.41 km from the hotel
Ferrara's main square is home to a treasure trove of historical landmarks, including the city's Torre dell'Orologio (Clock Tower). Dating back to the Renaissance period, this impressive landmark showcases features from various centuries, including the 19th-century clock face.