Discover things to do in Vilnius, the city that tells a thousand stories

Lithuania’s capital city, Vilnius, is a charming city imbued with old-town charm. The Old Town’s streets and the city center are full of vibrant energy, with local markets, parks, boutiques, cafés, and captivating architecture. Try local delicacies at Halės Market or visit the Gate of Dawn and Gediminas Castle Tower for a taste of Lithuanian history. Take a seat at one of the many restaurants, bars, or cafés nearby, or spend an evening at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic for a show.

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Bernardine Garden

0.59 mi / 0.95 km from the hotel
The historic Bernardine Garden dates back to 1469 and is situated in the center of the city between Gediminas Hill, the Vilnelė River, and the Bernardine Monastery. Visit the botanical exhibition, enjoy the weather, or take a relaxing stroll.

Gate of Dawn

0.22 mi / 0.36 km from the hotel
Join people from around the world to make a special pilgrimage to the Gate of Dawn, one of the most religiously significant places in Lithuania.
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Gediminas Castle Tower

0.7 mi / 1.12 km from the hotel
If you’re looking for the best view of Vilnius, the Gediminas Castle Tower is a must-visit. Climbing up the narrow steps, discover more about the history of Vilnius and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as well as a variety of historical artifacts. At the top, a breathtaking panorama of the city awaits.

Halės Market

0.23 mi / 0.37 km from the hotel
A beloved fixture of the Old Town, the iconic Halės Market offers a variety of freshly prepared local goodies. Visitors have a unique opportunity to sample traditional products while learning about Lithuanian culture in a unique atmosphere.

Lithuanian National Philharmonic

0.07 mi / 0.12 km from the hotel
The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society (LNPS) is the ideal place to enjoy a classical music concert in Vilnius. Established in 1940, the LNPS organizes and coordinates a variety of classical, contemporary, and jazz music events and tours inside and outside of Lithuania.

The Glass Quarter of Vilnius

0.21 mi / 0.34 km from the hotel
Explore this fascinating quarter’s centuries-old cobblestone streets and cozy courtyards that tell the story of its captivating history. Once the stomping ground of craftsmen and glassblowers, you can still find galleries and jewelers dotted throughout.