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Just 10 minutes from the city center, our hotel stands close to top cultural and retail attractions. Stroll through the Old Town to discover regional history and striking buildings like the medieval Grossmunster Church. Created by the renowned 20th-century artist Marc Chagall, the famous stained-glass windows of Fraumünster Church are another must-see in this part of town. You can spend the day exploring Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world's most exclusive shopping destinations, or browse any of the 80 shops at Zurich Airport. Check out some of our suggestions for nearby attractions below.

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Bahnhofstrasse shopping street

5.72 mi / 9.21 km from the hotel
Bahnhofstrasse hosts some of the finest and most expensive shops in the world. Visitors to Zurich looking for an unforgettable shopping experience will surely find what they desire.
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Old Town

5.86 mi / 9.42 km from the hotel
The ancient streets of Zurich's Old Town are home to some of the most appealing attractions in this Swiss city.
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Grossmünster Church

5.79 mi / 9.32 km from the hotel
Grossmünster is one of the most historically significant buildings in Zurich and one of the city's major churches.
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