Incentive ideas around Trondheim Airport

Around our hotel you will find plenty of attractions and sights to discover. With great public transportation possibilities, the surrounding area is easily accessible.

Hegra Fortress

Hegra Fortress in Stjørdal is a national monument which is annually visited by approximately 20,000 to 25,000 people. The plant is intact with trenches, cannons, tunnels, living quarters, command tower, and other features to see.

Hell Events

Everyone needs a boost once in awhile.  Companies are increasingly seeing the importance to have fun at work and the job satisfaction of their employees in the form of a bespoke event. These events are closely linked with increased efficiency and increased production.
Hell Events is an event company located in Stjørdal, Hell, which is a few kilometers away from Trondheim Airport.

Steinvikholm castle

At the head of the Trondheim Fjord sits Steinvikholm Castle, which remained in ruins, was hidden for 470 years.  The castle was home to Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson and was the country's political and religious throne. Starting in 2013, an opera about the events has been performed at the castle.