Cultural landmarks a short walk from hotel's site in Szczecin

The hotel's location in Szczecin, Poland, provides guests with proximity to both area businesses and the city's cultural landmarks. Guests can visit historical sites, such as the St. James Cathedral and the ducal castle of West Pomerania, as well as several museums that all lie within 1 kilometer of the hotel. You can attend a concert at the new Philharmonic Hall or enjoy a performance from the Opera at the Castle series. Find more suggestions below on what else you can do in Szczecin.

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Archcathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle

0.51 mi / 0.81 km from the hotel
Step into this impressive cathedral. Dating back to the 12th century, it's still being rebuilt as a result of World War II bomb damage.
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Contemporary Art Museum

0.28 mi / 0.46 km from the hotel
The Contemporary Art Museum is located in a classicist building in the former Szczecin stronghold garrison headquarters, built in the late 18th century and repeatedly converted in subsequent years. Until the end of World War II, it was used by military authorities.

Opera at the Castle

0.45 mi / 0.72 km from the hotel
Have a royal night out at the opera in this music-crazy city: the 14th century Dukes' Castle has a range of charming classical concerts throughout the summer.
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National Museum

0.39 mi / 0.62 km from the hotel
One of the most renown and distinctive buildings of the city, the museum houses Poland's greatest collection of relics from non-European cultures.

Regional Traditions Museum

0.3 mi / 0.48 km from the hotel
The Regional Traditions Museum is located in a Baroque Landed Gentry House (Pommersche Landsmannschaft), built in years 1726–1727 according to the order of Prussian king Frederick William I.

Szczecin History Museum

0.55 mi / 0.89 km from the hotel
The seat of Szczecin's History Museum is a Gothic old town hall in the castle surroundings, located in the center of the oldest part of the city, between the Hay Market and the New Market.