Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world – greener than green. Unique solutions for more efficient, sustainable, as well as carbon neutral meetings are our standard.

Sustainable and unique energy solutions

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre is not only an iconic part of Stockholm's skyline but also a contributor to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than half a ton every day. During the planning of the building in 2010, a sustainability strategy was developed with the goal of reducing the environmental impact in order to facilitate climate change. 

The stunning facade of the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre is created by reusing the material from the building previously occupying the site. We use advanced technology for heating energy in many aspects of the building. The large glass facades are 1,040 square meters of solar panels, which on average gather 1 MW of heat energy on a daily basis—equivalent to 90,000 normal low-energy bulbs! 

The building is cooled by water drawn from the nearby Lake Mälaren, which is stored in 250-ton ice tanks in the hotel’s basement and used to regulate the temperature in the building. Heating and air conditioning are distributed depending on needs and circumstances, and the consumption is adapted according to the amount of solar radiation, water temperature, weather statistics, and weather forecasts. This excellent energy solution was designed to cut CO² emissions and minimize the impact on the environment and climate change. 

The sustainability work and energy solutions in the building have led to Stockholm Waterfront receiving the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification, which means international recognition of the building's consideration of environmental aspects. Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world.

Automatic global carbon offsetting

It's not only Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center's building and energy use that contribute to a smaller climate impact. As part of the Radisson Hotel Group, all meetings and events held here are 100% carbon-neutral and compensated automatically, without any effort or cost to your company or organization. In partnership with First Climate, one of the world’s largest carbon offset organizations, as well as through projects that help reduce emissions and have a positive social impact, we strive for environmental best practices. 

For more information on our program, watch our video about how we turn emissions into impact.

Our climate partnerships

Radisson Meetings - Carbon Neutral First Climate

First Climate

We are proud to work with First Climate, one of the largest carbon offsetting organizations worldwide, to assist with corporations’ goals to minimize their carbon footprint.

Radisson Meetings - Carbon Neutral UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

All our carbon offsetting projects are VCS or Gold Standard and are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Retirement proof available.