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How to get to the Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort, Al Ain

Al Sarooj District, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Two hours east of Abu Dhabi, the inland city of Al Ain is the UAE’s cultural gem. Known as the Garden City for its natural springs, plantations, and lush palm groves, Al Aim makes you quickly forget you’re surrounded by desert and sand. In 2011, Al Ain became the UAE’s first World Heritage site, offering a welcome contrast to the country’s maze of skyscrapers and hyper-urban metropolises.

The Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort, Al Ain can be reached within 90 minutes by taxi, public bus, or by car. Please get in touch to arrange a pickup in advance. Parking is available on site.

From Al Ain International Airport

By airport shuttle:

Contact us to arrange airport pickup.

By car:

The hotel is about 26 kilometers from the airport by car.

From Al Ain Central Bus Station

On foot:

The hotel is only a 2.4-kilometer walk from the bus station.

By taxi:

A taxi ride from Al Ain Central Bus Station to the hotel takes approximately 6 minutes.