Discover the top things to do in Nagpur

Whether you’re traveling to Nagpur for business, an on-site event, or a family getaway, find time to explore the tranquil green spaces, ornate temples, and myriad other things to do in the Orange City. Minutes from the Radisson Blu, you can marvel at the massive stupa, Deekshabhoomi, built to commemorate the city’s mid-20th-century Buddhist revival led by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, or stroll along the shores of Ambazari Lake. The Seminary Hills neighborhood is another serene spot, home to a Japanese-style rose garden and wooded trails leading to stunning vistas. Check the match schedule at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, and if you’re visiting the city in January or August, don’t miss touring historic Sitabuldi Fort, which opens to the public on two national holidays each year.

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Sitabuldi Fort

10.95 mi / 17.63 km from the hotel
This hilltop fort is on the site of an 1817 battle between Indian and British colonial forces. A working army base, it opens to the public twice a year, when you can see memorials to fallen soldiers and the cell where Gandhi was imprisoned.

Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium

4.64 mi / 7.47 km from the hotel
Catch a game of cricket at this location that has hosted matches since the 1960s. Built in 2008, the newest stadium houses up to 45,000 fans as well as India’s largest cricket field. It also hosts multiple international matches each year.

Ambazari Lake

3.24 mi / 5.22 km from the hotel
Created in the 1800s as part of Nagpur’s water supply system, this lake and its adjacent garden (added in 1958) now serve as a relaxing retreat for locals and tourists. Go for a walk and watch the sun set over the lake, or take a picnic lunch and enjoy the garden.

Seminary Hills

5.24 mi / 8.44 km from the hotel
Take an easy walk to the top of this area’s namesake hill for a view of the entire city of Nagpur. Seminary Hills is home to several beautiful gardens, two colleges, and a swath of forest with well-maintained pathways.


2.57 mi / 4.14 km from the hotel
Take in this impressive Buddhist monument, with its large white dome. Each year pilgrims flock here to commemorate a mass conversion that took place in 1956.

Balaji Mandir

1.53 mi / 2.46 km from the hotel
Visit this important Hindu temple and pilgrimage site, dedicated to the deity Lord Balaji. The temple features a tall, white facade with intricate carvings.

Dragon Palace Temple

12.03 mi / 19.36 km from the hotel
Explore the sharp architecture of this important Buddhist pilgrimage site, also known as the Lotus Temple of Nagpur, featuring a carved sandalwood Buddha idol.