Explore the attractions near Stansted Airport

Discover local attractions in the area with our guide to what to visit to ensure a memorable stay with Radisson. As well as being in a convenient spot for catching your plane, the Stansted Radisson Blu serves as the perfect home base for exploring the area. Visit the open-air museum at Mountfitchet Castle and its enclosed Norman village for a glimpse into medieval life, and be sure to explore the world's largest collections of toys nearby at the House on the Hill Toy Museum. You can easily travel further afield to London and Cambridge with the efficient train service too. Check our best suggestions below!

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Big Ben

31.75 mi / 51.1 km from the hotel
Officially called the Great Bell, the bell in Elizabeth Tower is commonly known as "Big Ben" and is arguably London's most iconic landmark.
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Houses of Parliament

31.83 mi / 51.23 km from the hotel
The Houses of Parliament is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of parliament of the United Kingdom.
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Imperial War Museum

31.69 mi / 51 km from the hotel
A deeply moving museum, the Imperial War Museum preserves the stories of Britain's armed conflicts from World War I to the present.
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National Portrait Gallery

31.33 mi / 50.42 km from the hotel
Overlooking Trafalgar Square, the National Portrait Gallery houses paintings of important figures in British culture, both past and present.
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Shakespeare's Globe

30.71 mi / 49.42 km from the hotel
Located next to Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe is a detailed reconstruction of the theater where many of William Shakespeare's plays were performed.
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Tate Modern

30.78 mi / 49.54 km from the hotel
London's hub for international modern and contemporary art, the Tate Modern showcases exhibition and collections with works by artists like Picasso, Warhol, and Mapplethorpe.
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London Eye

31.54 mi / 50.76 km from the hotel