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Stylish, full of natural light, and right beside the trade fair—a perfect event venue at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne

In Cologne Deutz, right beside the trade fair and the Lanxess Arena, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne is your state-of-the-art conference venue on the Rhine. With seamless public transport connections and the Intercity Express Köln-Messe/Deutz train station a short walk away, the hotel is easily accessible. 1200 square meters of event space, 12 flexible conference rooms, and elegant boardrooms offer plenty of space for your personalized event. Our mix of cutting-edge conference technology and big panoramic windows creates a relaxed atmosphere for a successful event. Just a short walk away, the Cologne city center and spectacular Rhine views are perfect for relaxing after the event.

Key features

  • 11 meeting rooms

  • 340 person max. capacity

  • High-quality audiovisual equipment

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Breakout area

  • Exhibit

  • Ballroom pre-function area

  • Complimentary parking

Meetings & Events facilities

For a brainstorming session, conference, workshop, exclusive board meeting or formal banquet: whatever your individual needs, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne, is your perfect event location. Choose from 1,200 square meters of event space with natural daylight, on 2 floors and for up to 500 attendees. Our impressive and generous ground floor facilities include the lobby, Forum foyer, 3 large auditoriums, 2 conference rooms and access to a spacious inner courtyard and terrace. On the 1st floor, 4 seminar rooms, the elegant boardroom and the innovative Brain Box Think-Tank meeting room all boast spectacular panoramic views over the city of Cologne. In each room, expansive windows, state-of-the-art conference technology and highspeed wireless internet create a perfect atmosphere for a successful event. The spacious indoor and outdoor areas with a bar and restaurant ensure that breaks are relaxing and energizing.

Auditorium I - III Function rooms - Ground Floor

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting Room

The Auditorium I-III multi-function event rooms are located on the ground floor and have a floor area between 110 and 120 square meters, for up to 100 attendees each. They can be combined to form the Auditorium Maximum, the largest event space in the hotel. Covering 340 square meters, for up to 300 attendees. All of the rooms have direct access to the adjacent Forum foyer and will impress guests with state-of-the-art conference technology, large windows and plenty of natural light.

Floor area approximately: 110 - 120, or 340 square meters
Maximum occupancy: 300 attendees

Concilium I + II Conference rooms - Ground Floor

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting room

The 2 versatile conference rooms Concilium I & II feature floor areas of 60 and 95 square meters. Located on the ground floor, these two rooms also feature plenty of natural light and ultra-modern facilities and equipment. Showcasing a modern, chic design, they are the perfect venue for small to medium-size meetings for up to 40 attendees. Designed for flexibility, the partition walls can be removed, creating a combined floor area of 155 square meters, an ideal space for up to 120 attendees.

Floor area approximately: 60 and 95 square meters, or 155 square meters total
Maximum occupancy: 120 attendees

Forum Foyer - Ground Floor

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting room foyer

The Foyer is an impressive, spacious event venue with a floor area of 300 square meters, featuring wide panorama windows with views of and access to the garden terrace complete with trees, plants, and a running water feature. The Foyer can accommodate up to 300 attendees and is the perfect venue for coffee breaks or serves as an extension to the Auditorium function rooms opposite.

Floor area approximately: 300 square meters
Maximum occupancy: 300 attendees

Lobby - Ground Floor

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Lobby

The lobby covers a spacious 350 square meters on the ground floor and is designed to impress, with a modern flair full of natural light. It has direct access to the Paparazzi Lounge Bar, the centerpiece of the lobby. The sophisticated and stylish lobby architecture makes it a perfect venue for receptions, gala dinners and other formal events for up to 60 attendees.

Floor area approximately: 350 square meters
Maximum occupancy: 500 attendees

Inner Courtyard and Terrace - Ground Floor

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Inner Courtyard and Terrace Event Space

An oasis of green in the center of Cologne: welcome to the garden terrace in the heart of our hotel. For stylish receptions, weddings or other formal events, our generous 175-square-meter inner courtyard with trees, plants, and a running water feature is a magical venue for an unforgettable event, for up to 800 attendees. And if you need to go indoors, the Paparazzi restaurant and the Forum event area are directly beside the courtyard terrace. A stage can also be set up in the center of the courtyard terrace, perfect for live music and dancing.

Floor area approximately: 175 square meters
Maximum occupancy: 800 attendees

Colloquium I - IV Small group rooms - Ground Floor - 1st Floor

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting room

The 1st floor is where the small group rooms Colloquium I-IV are located. With floor areas of 24, 32 and 48 square meters, they are ideally suited for small meetings, break-out sessions, or as conference rooms for 10-16 attendees. For bigger events, Colloquium II and III can be combined for a total floor area of 48 square meters, for up to 30 attendees. Large windows afford beautiful views of the Cologne-Deutz area, and the adjacent Theatrum forum is the perfect location for coffee breaks.

Floor area approximately: 24 - 48 square meters
Maximum occupancy: 30 attendees

Talinum Boardroom - 1st Floor

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting Room

Meeting in luxury. The elegant Tablinum boardroom has a floor area of 50 square meters and can accommodate up to 12 attendees. Located in the 1st-floor events area, it is an ideal venue for hosting board meetings, short meetings, or small group sessions. The high-quality facilities with a large conference table and stylish designer furniture create a chic atmosphere for successful meetings. The separate seating area in the corner of the room is ideal for holding private discussions. The expansive windows with panoramic views provide plenty of soft, natural daylight.

Floor area approximately: 50 square meters
Maximum occupancy: 12 attendees

Brain Box Think-Tank - 1st Floor

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Brain Box

The innovative design concept and inspirational color accents give the Brain Box an energizing atmosphere for brainstorming sessions for 8-12 attendees. To promote creative thinking, walls become whiteboards, and comfortable seatings can be rearranged to suit individual tastes and moods. This room design, inspired by "out-of-the-box" thinking, is what makes the Brain Box a perfect location for workshops, group sessions, exchanging ideas and think-tanks. Lots of space for your creative ideas to grow.

Floor area approximately: 24 square meters

Meeting packages

Looking to have relaxing and successful meetings? By choosing Radisson Blu, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a perfectly-organized event. Innovative room designs, cutting-edge meeting technology, highspeed wireless internet, and delicious gourmet food are the core elements of any successful event. Choose from our wide range of meeting packages and optional add-ons. Enjoy our delicious food, as a set menu or buffet. Try our drinks packages which relax and refresh, or our tasty, healthy snacks for that extra energy boost when you need it. And afterward, unwind together over a cocktail at the bar.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting room food

Customized meeting package

- Specialty coffees and teas during coffee breaks
- High-speed wireless internet for all attendees
- LCD projector, projector screen, flip chart, presenter's kit and writing materials for attendees and speakers in the main event room
- Chef's choice lunch as a 3-course set menu or a buffet (minimum 30 attendees)
- Morning coffee break with two snacks chosen by the chef de cuisine
- Afternoon coffee break with two snacks chosen by the chef de cuisine
- Unlimited water (sparkling and still) in the main event room and at lunch

Other hotel services included in the price:

- Conference staff available to answer any questions at any time on the day of the event
- "Grab and Run" breakfast in the lobby from 5 AM to 7 AM
- Free high-speed wireless internet access throughout the entire hotel
- 160 spaces in the hotel parking facility for EUR 19 per day
- Customized meeting packages for medical and pharmaceutical companies (proportion of entertainment expenses under the FSA code maximum limit of EUR 60)
- Hotel staff with specialist FSA training who are familiar with the current relevant German legislation.
- "Yes I can!" service philosophy, with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction

Incentive ideas

Cheerful, tolerant, and cosmopolitan. Discover the heart of the Rhineland region with your team and enjoy the amazing joie de vivre of the locals as you share the experience of an unforgettable incentive trip. Whether it's a rustic brewery tour with local meat patties and open rolls with cheese, a cathedral visit or a high-energy sporting event: kick off your tour of Cologne right here "across the river" and immerse yourself in one of the many incentive programs we have prepared for you. The incomparable, cheerful Cologne spirit is included free of charge.

The High-Octane Car Rally (Connecting Game)

Ready, get set... the Cologne rally is off, in nostalgic Citroen Ugly Ducklings, cool 4WD vehicles or in summer convertibles with the top down: following the trail of a fast-moving story, you and your team use a road book and cell phone to plot your way through town with several adventurous stops on the way - some are thrilling, others require certain skills. And, of course, the motto is: "teamwork is everything." Unless you pull together, you won't reach the finish line.

The Cologne Dinner Tour

Enjoy, celebrate, be happy: welcome to the good life, welcome to Cologne. Experience an unforgettable 3-course city tour menu. Of course you will be in good company with local lads or lasses as tour guides. Crispy open rolls with cheese and a fresh beer in the Old Town brewery. And plenty of amusing anecdotes about the local beer and the waiters who serve it. Your culinary stroll now takes you to the highlights of Cologne's old town. Walking makes you hungry. Mmmm... Start looking forward to the next two regional courses on the menu, in two of the prettiest places in town. Where? Well, we can't give that away here, can we?

Perfume Seminar

4711- true Cologne history in a flacon. You and your team can experience this history in its traditional home: number 4711 Glockengasse. Explore the rich and exciting history behind this very special perfume and why 4711 Eau de Cologne made the city famous far beyond its borders. Next up is a team workshop on perfume: it's where you find out what a real perfumer's job is all about. After that, you can put your newly-acquired olfactory skills into practice without delay and finish your tour by creating your very own perfume, either for your company or for your personal use.

Soap Box Derby

Racing down the hill in a soap box? Feeling that childlike twitch of anticipation in your stomach? Yes, it's time for a team building event like no other. Skill, some technical know-how, and a few creative ideas are all hot commodities for the group in this situation, to help them turn a professional kit into a real-life soap box. Experience the powerful synergy of teamwork with a large portion of fun: from assembling the kit to designing the details, to putting together the marketing concept, each step needs different skills to succeed. And then the only thing left is: 3-2-1 GO! GO! GO!!!!!! And your homemade soap box racers zip along the course, fighting to be the winning team!!!

Meeting technology

Enjoy modern conference equipment and innovative technologies with Radisson Blu. At the touch of a button, all your meeting notes can be digitalized and video conferencing can take place via the mega-tablet. 3-D presentation formats and silent laser projectors ensure a smooth process and maximum productivity. For a quick connection, high-speed wireless internet access is provided throughout the hotel.


With the aid of this innovative technology, you can digitize flip chart notes with one click. Don't worry any longer about time-consuming tasks such as typing up meeting notes, photocopying or scanning large pages. Now you can create information and ideas and share and collaborate with others in real time via Plug and Play. Some people still use flip charts, but we prefer smart charts.

Meetings and Events - Hotel generic - Digichart


Presentation, video conference or whiteboard: The Multipad combines all these within one interactive mega-tablet with a 55" 1080p full HD screen. Making the best impression at digital conferences is at your fingertips: You can work with several programs, present and exchange various documents, formats, and graphics via touch, save notes and memos and send them via email, and more. Interactive and international. For a large, onsite audience, there is a silent laser projector at your disposal, as well as augmented reality for impressive presentation content in 3-D format. And thanks to real-time sharing, your meetings can be broadcast from Amsterdam to Zurich. Use our stream team for guaranteed success!

Meetings and Events - Hotel generic - MandE - Generic - Meeting facilities - Boardroom

WePresent - Wireless presentation

The innovative presentation tool WiPG-1000 offers the possibility to transfer data wireless to the display or screen. The presentation can easily be connected to any display or projector with HDMI or VGA connection. The presenter can recognize participants of the meeting and allow them to present their content via their notebook, smartphone or tablet. If the feature is unlocked, the participants can also follow the presentation content in their web browser and store the data on their devices.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting room

Internet included for conference participants

The perfect connection. In the conference room, in the lobby, and in your room. High-speed wireless internet access is available for all conference participants throughout the entire hotel. Make the most of the state-of-the-art conference technology to which you can connect with one click on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Need more bandwidth? For meetings where large data volumes could be necessary, you have the flexibility to add a Prio-high-speed internet connection to your booking.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting Room
Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne - Meeting room classroom style

Industry expertise

Our conference hotel in Cologne offers optimal support of medical and pharmaceutical companies, and the experienced meetings and events team will be available for personal guidance throughout your whole stay.

For meetings of pharmaceutical, medical, or healthcare companies, the hotel offers daily delegate rates that are adjusted to pharma guidelines and offers food and beverage costs no higher than EUR 60.

The service rate of EUR 82 per person and day, including all taxes and fees, includes (with at least 10 participants):
- Room rental for the main meeting room according to the number of participants
- LCD projector, screen, flip chart, pin board, and toolbox
- Coffee break in the morning and afternoon with coffee and tea, flavored water, two snacks (chef's choice), and fresh fruit
- "Chef's Surprise" lunch in the restaurant; 3-course menu with 2 main courses of guest's choice 
- Unlimited water (still and sparkling) available in main meeting room all day and for lunch
- Wi-Fi access for all attendees

Other hotel services included in the price:
- Grab & Run breakfast available from 5:00 to 6:30 am in the lobby
- Free Wi-Fi throughout the entire hotel to enhance the experience of hotel guests
- Yes I Can! service philosophy, including 100% Satisfaction Guarantee