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How to get to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bremen

Böttcherstraße 2, Bremen28195, Germany

Perfectly situated along Böttcherstrasse, our hotel is just 10 minutes from Bremen airport and lies near corporations such as Siemens, Daimler and Airbus. Guests can walk to the famous Market Square and the Shopping Mile or stroll along the banks of the Weser River. For other destinations, hop on the nearby tram or bus and visit sites like the Botanika science center and gardens, only 6km from the hotel. If you plan to rent a car, please note that to drive through the inner city area a special environmental badge is mandatory.

From Bremen Airport

By train:

Follow Flughafenallee until you arrive at Neuenlander Kämpe station. Take the train number 6 towards Universität, travel 6 stops and get off at Bremen Domsheide station. From there walk  3 minutes until you reach the hotel.

By car:

The fastest route, despite the usual traffic is via Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. Expected journey time is approx. 11 minutes.

From Central Station

On foot:

The fastest route is via Sögestraße. Walk for 1km and you will be reaching the hotel in approx. 13 minutes.

By train:

Walk 5 minutes until you reach Bremen Herdentor station. Take either of the buses 24, 25 towards Weidedamm-Süd, travel two stops and get off at Bremen Domsheide. From there walk about 350 meters until you arrive at the hotel.

By car:

Fastest route, despite the usual traffic is via Am Wall. Reach our hotel in 10 minutes travel time.