Discover Rostock from our city center hotel on the waterfront

If you find yourself outside of our stylishly designed hotel, don't miss out on this vibrant city center with much to see and plenty to do! With our convenient location on Rostock’s waterfront, you won't need to travel far to reach the city center and popular attractions such as Rostock City Harbor, Warnemünde beach, and the old town.

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Rostock Zoo

1.78 mi / 2.86 km from the hotel
Dive headfirst into adventure and fun, and take an expedition across five continents: from penguins and wondrous jellyfish to racing cheetahs and climbing orangutans, from the tropics to the deserts, and from forests to the Arctic with its enduring polar bears. At the Rostock Zoo, you’ll encounter 4200 animals and 430 different species from around the world. At the Polarium, you’ll embark on a journey from pole to pole. The expedition starts at the Antarctic Circle, where swimming and diving Humboldt penguins lead the way.

Warnemünde Lighthouse

6.27 mi / 10.09 km from the hotel
Visit the iconic Warnemünde Lighthouse while traveling through Rostock. This lighthouse stands over 36 meters tall on the coastline. Don’t miss out on this fantastic photo opportunity and picturesque views of the waterfront.

Rostock City Hall

0.96 mi / 1.54 km from the hotel
When you visit Rostock, be sure to visit City Hall Rostock where you will find large historical buildings with fantastic architecture and charming local market stalls selling a selection of goods and food.

Rostock City Harbor

0.51 mi / 0.83 km from the hotel
On an excursion through the city center, the northern and eastern part of the Old Town, and the city harbor, you can experience cultural diversity, historic treasures, traditional beer, a vibrant restaurant scene, fresh sea breezes, and the friendly residents of this northern Hanseatic city. The grand finale of your tour through Rostock could be stand-up paddling on the Warnow River. Whether you book a course or simply rent a board, this is a great way to enjoy the perfect harbor skyline.

Shipbuilding and Maritime Museum Rostock

3.72 mi / 5.99 km from the hotel
The Shipbuilding and Maritime Museum Rostock is located onboard a traditional ship and former cargo ship, offering a unique experience from the get-go. Perfect for history and boat enthusiasts, this museum has plenty to see.

Warnemünde Beach

6.37 mi / 10.25 km from the hotel
When you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center, visit Warnemünde Beach for a relaxing retreat in the sun. Enjoy a cool refreshing drink from one of the many bars surrounding the area and unwind on the sand.