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Located next to the modern Garbary Street, moments away from the historic Old Town, there's so much to see and do conveniently close to our welcoming accommodation. Poznan is situated 275 km west of Warsaw and 255 km from Berlin. The city is an important business and cultural hub with a strong academic touch. Find more information on our recommended points of interest.

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National Museum in Poznan

0,38 mi / 0,61 km from the hotel
The National Museum in Poznań is one of Poland’s oldest, biggest and most important cultural museums. This attraction is a must-see for art lovers as you will find a vast selection of paintings created by some of Europe’s most famous artists.

Croissant Museum

0,15 mi / 0,23 km from the hotel
Poznań’s Croissant Museum is a great day out for the family, filled with lots of laughs and fun. Learn about lots of great stories and plenty of history behind the simple croissant. Get inspired and learn how to make your own croissants at home!

Old Market

0,2 mi / 0,33 km from the hotel
The Old Market is a friendly and vibrant square located in the heart of Poznań. Discover beautiful architecture, peaceful cafes, and buzzing restaurants and bars offering fantastic local food and drinks.

Stary Browar

0,74 mi / 1,18 km from the hotel
Located in the heart of Poznan, this center was built in 2003 and is a combination of retail space and an art gallery. Enjoy a day of shopping and art.
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0,21 mi / 0,34 km from the hotel
When you visit Poznań, be sure to check out the Townhall where you will discover one the most iconic landmarks in the city. Experience magnificent Renaissance architecture dating back to as early as the 14th century.

Zamek Cultural Center

0,87 mi / 1,39 km from the hotel
Visit one of the largest cultural institutions in Poland and explore the wealth of visual arts, theater, film, music, and literature for a day of educational fun.
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