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Discover local attractions in the area with our guide to what to visit to ensure a memorable stay with Radisson.

Located next to the modern Garbary Street, moments away from the historic Old Town, there's so much to see and do conveniently close to our welcoming accommodation. Poznan is situated 275 km west of Warsaw and 255 km from Berlin. The city is an important business and cultural hub with a strong academic touch. Find more information on our recommended points of interest.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine

215.24 mi / 346.39 km from the hotel
Take a tour of the dark underground chambers and tunnels of this salt mine for a unique experience. Retrace the steps of the miners or just visit the underground wellness center.
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Krakow Market Square

207.65 mi / 334.18 km from the hotel
Visit one of the largest medieval squares in Europe surrounded by superb architecture. Stop by the Cloth Hall to hunt for bargains or grab some dumplings from a local restaurant while you're there.
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Museums of Krakow

207.96 mi / 334.68 km from the hotel
Krakow has more museums than any other city in Poland and it is the perfect place to take a walk back into history, learn about how the nation was shaped, and explore contemporary culture.
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