Explore the rich culture of Ukraine's capital just outside our hotel

An important cultural center, Kyiv is home to numerous museums, theaters and art galleries, and visitors to Ukraine can find many of them within walking distance of our hotel. A short walk down Sagaydachnogo Street leads you to Poshtova Square, which opens to the entrance of the city's newest promenade along the Dnieper River. Explore the landmarks, artist galleries, and eateries along Andrew's Descent, a popular cobblestone street that also takes you by sites like the 18th-century St. Andrew's Church and One Street Museum, which acts as a guide to the street itself with thousands of exhibits. The descent leads to Kontraktova Square, an important cultural and recreational destination in Kyiv, noted for its magnificent architecture and its numerous concerts, fairs, and other events. Venture a little farther from the hotel to explore the underground system of caves at Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra, an Orthodox medieval monastery noted as one of the 7 Wonders of Ukraine. You can also join the locals at one of the many festivals held in Podil throughout the year. Read in detail what we suggest below.
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