See the allure of Uzbekistan's capital

Tashkent makes its mark as a major site of business in Central Asia. As a result, many points of interest have been built around this area. Our hotel in Tashkent lands right in the midst of shopping, cultural destinations and the buzz of the city center. Find more information on our recommended points of interest.

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Chorsu Bazaar

2.63 mi / 4.24 km from the hotel
Head to the giant dome of Tashkent's most famous farmers' market for authentic shopping with acres of spices and a delightful taste of Old Town life.
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Minor Mosque

0.52 mi / 0.83 km from the hotel
See why this striking new Minor Mosque is also known as the white mosque: built from gleaming white marble, it's a sublime example of Islamic architecture.
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In Memory of Victims of Repression (Museum)

0.89 mi / 1.44 km from the hotel
Take time to reflect while visiting this thought-provoking reminder of the horrors that Uzbekistan suffered under the rule of the Bolsheviks, Stalin, and the Soviets.
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