Explore the rich history of Réunion Island from stunning architecture and museums to enchanting botanical gardens

Experience the rich heritage and culture of Réunion by discovering the diverse island attractions. Head to Le Barachois waterfront for idyllic walks, dining, and ocean views. To learn about local history, visit the unique museums or the Saint-Denis Cathedral. Stroll around the charming botanical gardens or explore Rue de Paris to marvel at the Creole architecture.

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Jardin de l'État

0.94 mi / 1.52 km from the hotel
The Jardin de l'État is a historic botanical garden in Saint-Denis. Visitors can view plants, trees, and spices sourced from outside the island by the famed horticulturist Pierre Poivre. The splendid gardens are also home to a natural history museum featuring intriguing collections and exhibitions.

Le Barachois

0.05 mi / 0.08 km from the hotel
Le Barachois is an iconic waterfront area, ideal for pleasant walks and panoramic views of the ocean. Formerly a small port for trading and receiving goods from ships, you can view canons and statues that mark this historic era. This family-friendly corniche is also dotted with diverse dining spaces.

Rue de Paris

0.6 mi / 0.97 km from the hotel
Take a trip back into time with a stroll down Rue de Paris. Join a guided walking tour to learn about the local history or marvel at the magnificent buildings and facades including beautiful examples of Creole architecture.

La Vallée Heureuse

3.41 mi / 5.49 km from the hotel
Escape into nature at La Vallée Heureuse, or Happy Valley, a sprawling botanical garden boasting incredible flora. Explore the winding pathways and alleys to discover remarkable plant life, flowers, and rare fruit trees.

Musée Léon-Dierx

0.69 mi / 1.11 km from the hotel
Visit this charming museum and gallery to view unique 19th-century paintings and historic artworks. The museum is named after Léon Dierx, a poet, painter, and sculptor born on Réunion Island. Enjoy a diverse variety of exhibitions, installations, and events throughout the year.

Saint-Denis Cathedral

0.26 mi / 0.42 km from the hotel
This historic landmark was constructed in the early 19th century and tells the story of Saint Denis, who the island’s capital city is named after. Experience the grand architectural design featuring stained-glass windows, bell towers, and a stunning mural.