Discover the pearl of the Aegean Sea

While the hotel is located close to both Aliaga Port and Nemrut Port, and just 5 minutes from Aliaga’s busy industrial zone, don’t miss out on some of Izmir’s most popular tourist attractions during your stay. Both Agapark beach and Sakran beach are located close to the hotel and offer the perfect getaway for those who want to relax and unwind. Agapark beach also boasts hiking trails, sports fields, and picnic areas meaning it is suitable for families.

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2.39 mi / 3.85 km from the hotel
Explore the few remaining ruins of the ancient city of Kyme, one of the most important and largest of the 12 Aeolian cities. Kyme is situated 6 kilometers south of the center of Aliaga.

Uçansu Waterfall

11.3 mi / 18.19 km from the hotel
Discover one of Turkey’s hidden paradises. Fed by the snow waters from the Akdag and Geyik mountains, Uçansu Waterfall is a popular and beautiful destination to cool off in the hot Turkish summer.

Sakran Beach

8.79 mi / 14.14 km from the hotel
If you’re seeking tranquility in Izmir, head to Sakran Beach for a peaceful stroll by the sea or to enjoy the sunset. The beach has walking and cycling paths and several small cafes nearby.


13.61 mi / 21.9 km from the hotel
Foça is a popular Turkish seaside town located 70 kilometers north of Izmir city center. Famous for its Mediterranean monk seals, it’s also a popular holiday resort on the Aegean Sea.

Agapark Beach

3.49 mi / 5.61 km from the hotel
Agapark is a huge social facilities complex located just 5 kilometers from Aliaga city center. Discover blue flag beaches, hiking trails, sports fields, picnic areas, a children’s swimming pool, restaurants, and much more.


26.57 mi / 42.76 km from the hotel
Perched above Turkey's Aegean region, the ancient city of Pergamon offers dazzling panoramic views in addition to its beautifully-preserved remnants of Hellenistic infrastructure. Lose yourself in ancient Greek and Roman culture while exploring the still-standing walls, immortal amphitheater, and temples.

Aigai Ancient City

12.76 mi / 20.53 km from the hotel
Founded in the seventh century B.C., Aigai is one of the less-spoiled ancient cities in western Turkey and a hidden gem with a notorious past. Explore its ruins and discover the agora, necropolises, cobblestone roads, and a theater, among other wonders.