A world of cultural and historical treasures surrounds Classic Grande Imphal

Ancient palaces, museums, parks, and lovely natural landscapes are scattered around the exciting capital city of Manipur. In addition to exploring the bustling streets around Classic Grande Imphal, enjoy diving into Imphal's cultural and natural attractions, including Asia's largest women-only-run market and local art exhibits. Take time to learn about the local history and window shop for unique souvenirs.

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Kangla Fort

0.76 mi / 1.22 km from the hotel
Located on the western bank of the Imphal River, the ancient ruins of the Kangla Fort date back to 33AD. Once a royal palace, it is now a museum where visitors can enjoy guided tours and learn about the monument's unique history.

Shree Govindajee Temple

1.41 mi / 2.27 km from the hotel
This beautiful Hindu temple is among the largest Vaishnavaite temples in Manipur. Built in the 19th century on the orders of Manipur ruler Maharaja Nara Singh, this elegant tourist attraction was constructed as a place of worship but served as the royal palace of the Maharajas for a time.

War Cemetery

0.3 mi / 0.48 km from the hotel
A memorial built to remember the soldiers who lost their lives in World War II, the War Cemetery is a beautifully-maintained and tranquil green space in the center of Imphal city. Each of the 1,600 burials is marked with a labeled plaque remembering soldiers from countries across the globe.

Ima Keithel

0.93 mi / 1.5 km from the hotel
This unique 500-year-old bazaar is Asia's largest All Women's market, located in Imphal city. A must-visit when exploring Manipur, Ima Keithel's colorful counters are an excellent place to shop for souvenirs and gifts including local fabrics and clothes, in addition to a range of food.

RKCS Art Gallery and Museum

1.68 mi / 2.71 km from the hotel
Showcasing a collection of historical and culturally-inspired arts and crafts, RKCS Art Gallery and Museum primarily features paintings by local artist Rajkumar Chandrajitsana Singh. When wandering through the museum, keep an out for unique installations, portraits, bottle art, and a range of vintage movie posters.

Loktak Lake

21.15 mi / 34.04 km from the hotel
The largest freshwater lake in northeast India, Loktak Lake is a picture-perfect spot just 50 kilometers south of Imphal. Bring a camera to capture memorable photos of the large green rings of floating vegetation that sit on the water's glassy surface.