Explore beautiful natural parks and cultural sites in bustling Wuxi

Situated upon one of China’s largest freshwater lakes, Lake Taihu, the city boasts beautiful riverside views and picturesque lakeside attractions. Wuxi is well connected to other major cities such as Suzhou and Shanghai. Experience the lively streets of Wuxi and take a stroll around the city to explore many shops, markets, or sample the local cuisine. For a relaxing afternoon, stroll along the river embankment or lakefront and take in the views. Visit the beautiful Nanchan Temple, which features a beautiful 7-tiered pagoda and towering statue of Buddha, or one of Wuxi’s verdant parks.

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Nanchang Street

4.07 mi / 6.55 km from the hotel
Take a stroll around the famous Nanchang Street in Wuxi and enjoy the quaint canal or stop off at many shops and restaurants. At night the street transforms into a stunning display of colorful lights and lanterns. Don’t miss the Qingming Bridge for a view of this traditional Jiangnan water town.

Xihui Park

5.59 mi / 8.99 km from the hotel
This tranquil verdant park boasts incredible natural scenery, gardens, and views of Wuxi and Yingshan Lake. Spend an afternoon strolling through it or rowing around the lake. Take a rest or stop for tea and a snack in the quiet tea house or take the cable car up to Hui Shan viewpoint.

Nanchan Temple of Wuxi

4.05 mi / 6.52 km from the hotel
This impressive temple dates back to 420 AD, the time of the Southern Dynasties. This historic temple is located in the Liangxi District of Wuxi and features a 7-tiered pagoda for exceptional city views. At night watch the temple light up in vibrant colored lights.

Lingshan Grand Buddha Scenic Area

19.74 mi / 31.77 km from the hotel
Home to the majestic Brahma Palace, Xiangfu Temple, and an ancient ginkgo tree said to be more than 1,400 years old, this beautiful park is best known for its 88-meter-tall bronze Buddha statue.

Lake Taihu

22.44 mi / 36.11 km from the hotel
Lake Taihu, or Lake Tai, is China’s third largest freshwater lake. Its shores reach Wuxi, Suzhou, Huzou, and Yixing. Discover exciting attractions all along the lakefront like the 120-meter Star Ferris Wheel and picturesque walking paths.

Nianhua Bay

21.41 mi / 34.45 km from the hotel
Nianhua Bay is a small village and modern Buddhist resort located at the Lingshan scenic spot and features picturesque streets, nature spots, and small shops. The village is the perfect escape from busy city streets and will envelop you in its serene Zen atmosphere.