Explore exciting Zhengzhou attractions near our hotel

The Radisson Blu in Zhengzhou boasts a premier location near the city center, the Jialu River, and the Yellow River Scenic Area. You can reach important expos at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre in about 25 minutes via G30 Lianhuo Expressway. When you find a break in your schedule, plan an outing to Mount Song and explore the stunning monasteries as you climb to the peak. You can learn more about the history of the region with a trip to attractions like the Shang Dynasty Ruins and the Henan Museum.

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Shang Dynasty Ruins

7.64 mi / 12.3 km from the hotel
These old ruins belonged to the Shang Dynasty 3,600 years ago. Take a tour to learn about their historical and cultural value.

Shaolin Temple

48.35 mi / 77.81 km from the hotel
Home to kung fu, this temple is the cradle of Buddhism. Walk around the historic site or take the cable car up the mountain for incredible views.

Henan Museum

4.99 mi / 8.03 km from the hotel
Wonder at ancient relics at one of China’s oldest museums, featuring over 130,000 pieces. Look out for dinosaur fossils and visit the old astronomical observatory.

Mount Song

44.64 mi / 71.84 km from the hotel
This mountain boasts an impressive 1,500-meter summit and is dotted with many renowned Taoist and Buddhist temples and monasteries.

Songyue Pagoda

44.49 mi / 71.6 km from the hotel
Located on Mount Song, this sixth-century pagoda stands out for its 12-sided design. Dating to AD 523, it’s one of the earliest-known brick pagodas built in China.

Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre

7.04 mi / 11.32 km from the hotel
This dazzling convention center spans nearly 227,000 square meters and hosts trade shows, exhibitions, and expos throughout the year.