Discover the wonder of Liuzhou attractions

Step outside your room or suite at the Radisson Blu hotel in Liuzhou to explore the city. Nearby attractions include the Liuzhou Industrial Museum, which offers an extensive array of exhibits and vignettes portraying the area’s industrial history. Longtan Park and Liuhou Park are ideal for a quiet stroll with their scenic lakes, bridges, and garden settings. The Liuzhou Confucian Temple, 11 minutes away, is an iconic landmark with four halls, a pagoda, and a pavilion open to the public. For a day trip after your business meetings in the hotel, invite your guests to join you at Xiangzhou Hot Springs.

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Longtan Lake Park

3.28 mi / 5.27 km from the hotel
This expansive urban park is notable for its lakes, mountain peaks, and a dazzling copy of the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge. You can climb one of the 24 peaks, wander through gardens, picnic, or visit small pavilions.

Liuzhou Museum

1.29 mi / 2.08 km from the hotel
Wander through three floors of exhibits addressing culture, history, paleontology, and even fan painting in this museum. On the first floor, you can see temporary exhibits of art by regional artists.

Ma'anshan Park

1.8 mi / 2.89 km from the hotel
Ride a cable car to the top of the mountain and climb up narrow staircases to explore the peak’s viewing decks for panoramic views of the city to the north and the karst landscape to the south.

Xiangzhou Hot Springs

32.24 mi / 51.89 km from the hotel
Retreat, rest, and relax at the wonderfully serviced local spas and immerse yourself in local natural springs. Enjoy quiet time after a busy day sightseeing.

Liuhou Park

1.07 mi / 1.72 km from the hotel
A perfect location to relax or take photos, this park is filled with dreamy scenes, traditional architecture, and beautiful gardens landscaped by a lake.

Liujiang River

4.61 mi / 7.43 km from the hotel
Unwind in the natural landscapes and be a spectator to the nearby local festivals. The whole region is a geological wonder filled with multiple gardens and natural parks.