Explore iconic Luizhou attractions near the city center

Step outside your room or suite at the Radisson Blu hotel to explore Liuzhou’s many sights, ranging from museums to mountains. Nearby attractions include the Liuzhou Industrial Museum, which offers extensive exhibits and vignettes of the area’s industrial history, as well as the Liuzhou Fantastic Stones Museum, housed in the spectacular Liuzhou Suiseki Hall. If you need some fresh air, you can travel across the river for a stroll through Liuhou Park’s dreamy gardens and traditional buildings or drive five kilometers to explore the mountains and pavilions of Longtan Park. Less than 15 minutes away, the iconic Liuzhou Confucian Temple offers visitors a contemplative break from the city bustle. Looking for a day trip? Invite your guests to join you for a soothing visit to Xiangzhou Hot Springs.

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Liuzhou Museum

1.29 mi / 2.08 km from the hotel
Wander through three floors of exhibits addressing culture, history, paleontology, and even fan painting in this museum. On the first floor, you can see temporary exhibits of work by regional artists.

Ma'anshan Park

1.8 mi / 2.89 km from the hotel
Ride a cable car to the top of the mountain and climb up narrow staircases to explore the peak’s viewing decks for panoramic views of the city to the north and the karst landscape to the south.

Longtan Park

3.28 mi / 5.27 km from the hotel
This expansive urban park is notable for its lakes, mountain peaks, and a dazzling copy of the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge. You can climb one of the 24 peaks, wander through gardens, picnic, or visit small pavilions.

Xiangzhou Hot Springs

32.24 mi / 51.89 km from the hotel
Retreat, rest, and relax at these wonderfully serviced local spas. You can immerse yourself in the natural hot springs and enjoy some quiet time after a busy day.

Liuhou Park

1.07 mi / 1.72 km from the hotel
Built in 1909 to commemorate the Tang dynasty writer and governor, Liu Zongyuan, this beautiful park makes the perfect location to stroll, picnic, and take photos. Let yourself unwind amid the lush traditional gardens populated by lakeside pavilions and temples.

Baili Liujiang River

4.61 mi / 7.43 km from the hotel
Take in natural and city views in this beautiful scenic area along the Liujiang River. Book a cruise, participate in local festivals, or simply wander the beautiful landscape, which includes gardens, spectacular water features, and landmark structures.


78.47 mi / 126.28 km from the hotel
Cruise the Li River for picturesque scenes of bamboo forests, fishermen, and mountain peaks, or explore fantastical rock formations in local caves, a result of the city's famous karst topography. Then head to West Street’s bustling shops and restaurants for a glimpse of modern China.

Liuzhou Industrial Museum

0.2 mi / 0.33 km from the hotel
This fascinating museum traces the last 100 years of Liuzhou’s manufacturing achievements as well as more recent efforts to temper industrial development with ecological preservation. Both adults and kids can enjoy the machines on display.

Liuzhou Fantastic Stones Museum

1.19 mi / 1.91 km from the hotel
Spend an afternoon exploring this amazing collection of rare stones prized for their natural beauty. The culturally significant display is housed in Liuzhou Suiseki Hall, itself a contemporary work of art that’s well worth the visit.

Chenyang Wind and Rain Bridge

316.13 mi / 508.76 km from the hotel
Visit this beautiful covered bridge built in 1912 using the Dong style of architecture. You can enjoy the unique pleasure of walking the wooden boards with other pedestrians while listening to the sounds of wind and rain outside.