Explore iconic Luizhou attractions near the city center

Step outside your room or suite at the Radisson Blu hotel to explore Liuzhou’s many sights, ranging from museums to mountains. Nearby attractions include the Liuzhou Industrial Museum, which offers extensive exhibits and vignettes of the area’s industrial history, as well as the Liuzhou Fantastic Stones Museum, housed in the spectacular Liuzhou Suiseki Hall. If you need some fresh air, you can travel across the river for a stroll through Liuhou Park’s dreamy gardens and traditional buildings or drive five kilometers to explore the mountains and pavilions of Longtan Park. Less than 15 minutes away, the iconic Liuzhou Confucian Temple offers visitors a contemplative break from the city bustle. Looking for a day trip? Invite your guests to join you for a soothing visit to Xiangzhou Hot Springs.

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78.47 mi / 126.28 km from the hotel
Cruise the Li River for picturesque scenes of bamboo forests, fishermen, and mountain peaks, or explore fantastical rock formations in local caves, a result of the city's famous karst topography. Then head to West Street’s bustling shops and restaurants for a glimpse of modern China.