Explore the capital from this Kyiv city-center hotel

Our Kyiv city-center hotel sits in a premier location that offers guests easy access to an abundance of local attractions. Pass through the Golden Gate, a medieval city entrance, and view the golden domes of St. Sophia's Cathedral. Take a relaxing stroll through colorful botanical gardens or tour Independence Square, a focal point of political activism. You can enjoy live artistic and musical performances at the nearly 30 theaters nearby that host operas and ballets, including the National Opera House, which is just 750 meters from the hotel. Peizazhna Alley or Children Landscape Park is 1 kilometer from the hotel and offers visitors unique sculptures to view as well as expansive views of downtown. Kyiv murals dot the landscape close to the hotel and feature work from famous street artists from all over the world. Read more details on our suggested points of interest below.

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Andriyivskyy Descent

0.64 mi / 1.04 km from the hotel
This historic descent connects Kyiv's Upper Town (Old Kyiv) and the commercial neighborhood of Podil, the lower city. Andriyivskyy Descent is a famous tourist attraction known for its winding roads that boast stunning architecture, a variety of shops, and historic landmarks such as St. Andrew's Church.

Golden Gate

0.25 mi / 0.41 km from the hotel
Pass through what was the main gate in the city's 11th century fortifications. Pulled down in the Middle Ages, it was controversially rebuilt by the Soviets in 1982.
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National Opera of Ukraine

0.36 mi / 0.58 km from the hotel
Enjoy the gloriously ornate, Neo-Renaissance design of this vast concert hall, which opened in 1901 and became one of the most prestigious opera houses in Ukraine and Russia.
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St. Sophia's Cathedral

0.23 mi / 0.37 km from the hotel
Investigate the amazing interior of Kyiv's oldest church with its historic mosaics and frescoes. Climb the bell tower for a brilliant bird's-eye view of the city.
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