Explore Kochi attractions from our city-center hotel

Whether you want a full day of adventures or a relaxing break from meetings, the Radisson Blu Kochi offers you a great home base near the city’s key attractions. Just 10 minutes away, you can stroll along Marine Drive to view the sea, the boats, and the sunsets. Nearby Subhash Bose Park offers tranquil lakeside vistas plus a children’s playground. Schedule a boat tour to see the local coast, or visit Kochi’s many local markets and cultural sites. If you’re a keen shopper, you won’t want to miss LuLu Mall, one of India’s biggest shopping centers. Interested in a day trip? Head to the very popular Cherai Beach to enjoy a pristine setting with beautiful views.

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Cherai Beach

14.89 mi / 23.96 km from the hotel
Visit this popular, pristine beach known for its beautiful views and regular dolphin sightings. You can spend a day simply sunbathing and swimming, try paragliding, or visit the restaurants and shops nearby.

Little Flower Church

0.27 mi / 0.43 km from the hotel
Visit this Catholic church, dedicated to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, sometimes called The Little Flower of Jesus. The church features striking angular architecture.

LuLu Mall

4.05 mi / 6.52 km from the hotel
Shop at one of India's largest malls, home to international brands, dining, cinemas, and a leisure zone where you can enjoy rock climbing, ice-skating, and bowling.

Hill Palace Museum

3.99 mi / 6.43 km from the hotel
Tour this archaeological museum to learn about local finds and view objects belonging to the late-medieval Cochin royal family. The grounds also house a deer park.

Subhash Bose Park

1.2 mi / 1.93 km from the hotel
Pack a picnic and spend the day taking in the lush greenery in this well-maintained park. The park includes a kids’ play area, walking spaces, and views of the nearby lake.

Kerala Kathakali Centre

4.35 mi / 7 km from the hotel
See live performances of Kathakali, a classical Indian dance featuring colorful makeup, costumes, and face masks, at this long-running arts center.

Kerala Folklore Museum

2.41 mi / 3.87 km from the hotel
Visit this cultural hub that promotes and preserves the culture and heritage of South India. Browse more than 5,000 artifacts and architectural objects accumulated over the decades.

Fort Kochi

4.22 mi / 6.8 km from the hotel
In this seaside area, find Dutch, Portuguese, and British colonial architecture set against a backdrop of upscale eateries, chic cafés, and a beautiful beach. Take time to explore the specialty and quaint shops for clothing and handmade souvenirs.


3.56 mi / 5.72 km from the hotel
Located southwest of the city center, this area is home to the Mattancherry Palace, charming cafes, and shops selling antiques, crafts, and spices. The locality also features a mix of mosques, churches, Hindu shrines, and temples.