Discover things to do in Kashgar

During your stay at the Radisson Blu Kashgar, you can explore nearby historical sites like the Abakh Khoja Tomb, Id Kah Mosque, or Three Immortals Buddhist Caves. People's Park and the Grand Bazaar are close to the hotel so that you can stretch your legs while you walk through the park's pavilion or shop from the stalls at the market. If you have time to explore, venture out to beautiful Karakul Lake or travel further to see the magnificent Stone City.

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Grand Bazaar Kashgar

6 mi / 9.66 km from the hotel
Visit this lively Kashgar market to rummage through the stalls' souvenirs and curiosities as well as traditional Asian spices, vegetables, and clothing.

Three Immortals Buddhist Caves

1.73 mi / 2.78 km from the hotel
Explore these ancient caverns, carved at the end of the Han Dynasty, in west China on the south shore of the Bo Shi Ke Ran River and the only Buddhist monument of the ancient Shu Le district.

Id Kah Mosque

1.69 mi / 2.73 km from the hotel
Located in the central square of Kashgar City, China’s largest mosque, built in 1442, spans 16,800 square meters and houses 10,000 worshippers. Explore the Hall of Prayer, the courtyard, and the gate tower among other structures.

Stone City

2.67 mi / 4.3 km from the hotel
Explore this 2,000-year old, historical city situated along the ancient Silk Road. This famous site extends 3,100 meters high above sea level and spans more than 1,300 meters in perimeter.

Abakh Khoja Tomb

3.17 mi / 5.1 km from the hotel
Explore this decorative mausoleum, one of the holiest Muslim buildings in the area, said to be the final resting place of the legendary Fragrant Concubine.

People's Park

1.35 mi / 2.18 km from the hotel
Situated in the center of Kashar, explore this sprawling urban park that features a roller skating rink, children's playgrounds, and scenic artificial lake.