Enjoy gorgeous beaches by the sparkling blue Mediterranean

Unearth popular nearby attractions among tourists in the local area with our guide to what to visit to ensure a memorable stay with us. There's plenty to see and do nearby our welcoming hotel. Explore fascinating historical landmarks such as the ancient city of Antiphellos or Patara, peaceful beaches like the famous Kaputaş Beach, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Akvaryum Bay

13.29 mi / 21.38 km from the hotel
Nestled between two small islands, Akvaryum Bay is the ideal beauty spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving lessons. Discover wonderful sea life and stunning sea views from Akvaryum Bay which is only 30 kilometers away from Kaş city.

Antiphellos Ancient City

2.19 mi / 3.53 km from the hotel
Be sure to visit Antiphellos Ancient City when you come to Kaş and explore this beautiful structure dating back centuries and discover hillside tombs. This ancient city acted as the port of Phellos in Lycia.

Kaputaş Beach

8.7 mi / 14 km from the hotel
Kaputaş Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Turkey, situated 20 kilometers away from Kaş. This serene beach is surrounded by steep cliffsides offering visitors a more private beach experience hidden away in the cove.

Kral Mezarı

2.59 mi / 4.16 km from the hotel
Kral Mezarı, commonly known as the royal tomb, is a popular historical attraction. Discover the sarcophagus of a former king in the heart of Kaş standing at the top of a hill on a beautiful street and admire the beautiful structure.

Patara Ancient City

16.46 mi / 26.49 km from the hotel
If you're looking for a historical escape, then look no further than Patara Ancient City. This iconic landmark dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks is said to have been founded by Patarus, a son of Apollo. Patara Beach is located just 1 kilometer away from Patara Ancient City.

St. Nicholas Church

21.95 mi / 35.33 km from the hotel
St. Nicholas Church is a grand Byzantine church with a rich history containing a tomb of what is believed to be the inspiration of Santa Claus. Discover ancient architecture and a storied past with this must-see attraction if you want to learn more about the local culture.