Central and modern meeting spaces near Juba’s business district

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Juba boasts a convenient city center location in Juba’s business district, making it the perfect spot for meetings and events big or small. Choose from 7 spacious, modern meeting rooms suitable for conferences and special gatherings. For big occasions, the Main Ballroom is an excellent option, with a capacity of up to 600 guests.

Key Features

  • 7 meeting rooms

  • Breakout area

  • Microphone

  • Catering service

  • Flip chart and markers

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • LED/LCD projector

  • Boardroom

  • Videoconferencing

Meetings & Events facilities

The Radisson Blu, Juba boasts 7 different meeting and event spaces each providing a unique, flexible space to host a wide array of different events. The spacious Main Ballroom has a maximum capacity of 600 guests and can be optimized to your needs with the different partition combinations. See more about our different layouts and room styles below.

Meeting Room 1 - 37m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 28 pax 

o Boardroom: 14 pax 

o Classroom: 14 pax 

o Hollow Square: 14 pax 

o Reception: 48 pax 

o Theater: 42 pax 

o U-Shaped: 16 pax

Meeting Room 2 - 35m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 26 pax 

o Boardroom: 12 pax 

o Classroom: 13 pax 

o Hollow Square: 12 pax 

o Reception: 44 pax 

o Theater: 40 pax 

o U-Shaped: 16 pax

Meeting Room 3 - 57m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 42 pax 

o Boardroom: 20 pax 

o Classroom: 21 pax 

o Hollow Square: 20 pax 

o Reception: 72 pax

o Theater: 65 pax 

o U-Shaped: 24 pax

3 Meeting Rooms Combined – 129m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 80 pax 

o Boardroom: 60 pax 

o Classroom: 100 pax 

o Hollow Square: 60 pax 

o Reception: 120 pax 

o Theater: 120 pax

o U-Shaped: 60 pax

Boardroom 1 with Terrace - 54m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 40 pax 

o Boardroom: 18 pax 

o Classroom: 20 pax 

o Hollow Square: 18 pax 

o Reception: 70 pax 

o Theater: 62 pax 

o U-Shaped: 23 pax

Boardroom 2 with Terrace - 71m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 54 pax 

o Boardroom: 24 pax 

o Classroom: 28 pax 

o Hollow Square: 24 pax 

o Reception: 90 pax 

o Theater: 82 pax 

o U-Shaped: 30 pax

Boardroom 3 - 60m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 40 pax 

o Boardroom: 20 pax 

o Classroom: 24 pax 

o Hollow Square: 20 pax 

o Reception: 75 pax 

o Theater: 60 pax 

o U-Shaped: 20 pax

Main Ballroom - 480m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 360 pax 

o Boardroom: 160 pax 

o Classroom: 180 pax 

o Hollow Square: 160 pax 

o Reception: 600 pax 

o Theater: 550 pax 

o U-Shaped: 200 pax

Main Ballroom Partitioned A, B or C – 160m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 120 pax 

o Boardroom: 54 pax 

o Classroom: 60 pax 

o Hollow Square: 54 pax 

o Reception: 200 pax 

o Theater: 185 pax 

o U-Shaped: 65 pax

Main Ballroom Combination A&B or B&C – 320m²

Available layouts: 

o Banquet: 240 pax 

o Boardroom: 108 pax 

o Classroom: 120 pax 

o Hollow Square: 108 pax 

o Reception: 400 pax 

o Theater: 370 pax 

o U-Shaped: 130 pax