Keep up with your workout routine at our modern gym in Durban

At the Radisson Blu Hotel, Durban Umhlanga, our well-appointed gym is designed to help you stay motivated and keep up with your workouts while traveling. Enjoy everything you need for an invigorating workout, from treadmills and stationary bicycles to a wide variety of weights. For a complete wellness experience, relax and rejuvenate after your workout with a relaxing spa session at the Ocean Mall's Umhlanga Laser & Aesthetic Spa (ULAS), easily accessible from our fitness center on the second floor.

Opening hours

  • Open 24 hours

Fitness & Wellness features

Radisson Blu Hotel, Durban Umhlanga - Gym


Stay on track with your goals and enjoy a complete fitness routine with our modern treadmills. Designed for runners of all levels, our treadmills offer a cushioned running surface, adjustable incline, and intuitive controls for a personalized workout.
Radisson Blu Hotel, Durban Umhlanga - Gym

Stationary bicycles

Pedal your way to better health and stamina and experience an efficient cardio workout on our stationary bicycles. With adjustable resistance levels, ergonomic seating, and a built-in digital display, our stationary bicycles provide a low-impact, high-reward fitness option.
Radisson Blu Hotel, Durban Umhlanga - Gym

Weight station

Sculpt your body and build strength with our well-equipped weight station. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, our thoughtfully designed weight area ensures a safe and effective workout environment.
Radisson Blu Hotel, Durban Umhlanga - Gym

Floor mats

Maintain your balance and focus on your wellness journey with our gym's durable and supportive floor mats. Providing a comfortable and non-slip surface, these mats are perfect for stretching, practicing yoga, or doing bodyweight exercises.