Things to do near our hotel in Ajman

Discover local attractions in the area with our guide to what to visit to ensure a memorable stay with Radisson. There's so much to see and do conveniently close to our welcoming accommodation. Explore the local area around our hotel, including fascinating local landmarks, cultural highlights, and key business destinations, so you'll make the most of your visit here. Visit the Thirsty Horse sports bar, go bargain hunting at the China Mall, explore the Ajman Corniche lined with cafes and restaurants, or savor the nature at Al Zorah Natural Reserve. Find more suggestions below.

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Ajman Equestrian Club

0.21 mi / 0.34 km from the hotel
Brush up on your saddle skills at this relaxed horseback riding center with a range of classes to suit all abilities. Home to more than 100 beautiful Arab horses.
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Al Zorah Golf Club

2.1 mi / 3.37 km from the hotel
The stunning natural environment and the pristine course of Al Zorah Golf Club will provide golfers with a unique golf experience with water levels shifting with the tides throughout the day.
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Al Zorah Natural Reserve

1.89 mi / 3.05 km from the hotel
Spot the flamingos as you kayak through one million square meters of natural mangrove forest with turquoise lagoons, sandy beaches, and almost 60 species of birds.
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City Centre Ajman

0.36 mi / 0.58 km from the hotel
Choose from a selection of the top local and international fashion brands in this newly renovated mall with palm trees, a food court, and cinema.
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