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How to arrive to the prizeotel Hamburg-St. Pauli

Holstenstraße 7, Hamburg 22767, Germany

Convenient and central, prizeotel Hamburg-St. Pauli is easy to reach by car, train, and metro. When flying into Hamburg, you can catch the train from Hamburg Airport to Reeperbahn Station, which is only a four-minute walking distance from our hotel. If you drive yourself, secure parking is available on-site.

From Hamburg Airport

By train:

Leave Hamburg Airport Flughafen on the S1 to Reeperbahn and then walk 400 meters to the hotel. The total journey takes approximately 38 minutes.

Driving or by taxi:

Driving from the airport to the hotel takes approximately 34 minutes.

From Hamburg Central Station

By train:

The trip from Hamburg Central Station to Reeperbahn takes approximately 8 minutes.

Driving or by taxi:

You can drive from the city’s main train station to the hotel in about 15 minutes, depending on traffic.