Explore Erfurt’s medieval streets and green surroundings in central Germany

While staying at prizeotel Erfurt-City, set aside time for a stroll to the city's old town. This charming Altstadt was home to one of Germany's top theologians and historical figures, Martin Luther, in the 16th century. At Erfurt Cathedral, you can enjoy 14th and 15th-century Gothic architecture and then continue to the Old Synagogue and All Saints Church. For a day of art, make your way to the Anger Museum or Art Hall. Read on for more suggestions of attractions and landmarks in this historic city.

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Erfurt Cathedral

0.72 mi / 1.16 km from the hotel
While visiting Erfurt's central square, make your way to this Roman cathedral – also known as St. Mary's Cathedral. Not only is this a beautiful example of 14th and 15th-century Gothic architecture, but the inside offers a glimpse back in time with stunning sculptures and ornate decoration.

Merchant's Bridge

0.51 mi / 0.82 km from the hotel
Wander this medieval bridge and visit its half timbered houses. Also called the Krämerbrücke, it stretches of the Gera river, offering local cuisine and souvenirs.
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Old Synagogue

0.57 mi / 0.92 km from the hotel
As one of Europe's oldest, well-preserved medieval synagogues, this is a unique landmark worth visiting. Parts of the building date back to the 11th century. Today, it's a museum of Jewish history and displays Hebrew manuscripts.

Thuringian Zoo Park, Erfurt

3.5 mi / 5.64 km from the hotel
Spend a day at this large zoo park, where you will see animals from around the world, including African elephants, kangaroos, horses, and even Egyptian tortoises. In addition to visiting many unique animals, you can learn about the park's conservation efforts.

Anger Museum

0.28 mi / 0.45 km from the hotel
The Anger Museum's exhibits display collections of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, furniture, and jewelry, dating from the Medieval Ages to the 20th century. The building is also a work of art showcasing 18th-century Baroque architecture.

Art Hall, Erfurt

0.56 mi / 0.9 km from the hotel
Known locally as Kunsthalle Erfurt, this gallery centralizes unique contemporary art exhibits. Housed inside one of the city's historic buildings, you can also enjoy the architecture while visiting one of the regularly scheduled events.