Discover Bonn from our city center hotel by the river Rhine

The prizeotel Bonn-City welcomes you to a central location directly on the Rhine waterfront and offers numerous restaurants and cultural highlights in the immediate vicinity for your convenience. Culture and history are everywhere in Beethoven's birthplace. The Beethoven House, the Beethoven Monument, the Bonn Cathedral, and the Poppelsdorf Palace with its botanical gardens can be reached from our hotel in just a few minutes.

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Beethoven Hall

0.09 mi / 0.14 km from the hotel
Watch a concert at Beethoven Hall located on the waterfront. Enjoy many fantastic events and artists at the famous 2,000-seat events hall. Beethoven Hall hosts the Beethoven festival each year and also offers a restaurant with great views of the Rhine.

Bonner Münster

0.52 mi / 0.83 km from the hotel
Visit the iconic Bonner Münster, a catholic church with a history dating back around 1,000 years. Perfect for history and culture lovers, this historical church offers visitors guided tours inside the church.

Beethoven House

0.29 mi / 0.47 km from the hotel
Discover the house where the world-famous Beethoven was born. This house dates back to the 18th century and is the perfect destination for classical music lovers and history buffs. Wander inside and admire exhibits including manuscripts and Beethoven’s last piano.

Haus der Geschichte

1.65 mi / 2.66 km from the hotel
Enjoy this family-friendly museum, perfect for a family day out. Discover the history of Germany from this unique museum, ideal for history buffs and culture lovers alike. Get a quick bite to eat at the end of your day in the museum at the on-site restaurant.

Hofgarten Bonn

0.5 mi / 0.8 km from the hotel
Relax at Hofgarten Bonn, a public park situated in the heart of Bonn. Hofgarten Bonn is ideal for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center. Perfect for families, enjoy a pleasant walk through the park.

Drachenburg Castle

6.61 mi / 10.63 km from the hotel
Visit Drachenburg Castle and discover a beautiful 19th-century villa, modeled after a medieval castle. Perfect for people of all ages, this historical building also offers fantastic views of the river Rhine.