Explore popular attractions and shopping areas in Odintsovo

Walk to the O Park shopping and entertainment center, take in a film or marvel at the historic Grebnevskaya church, all within 1 kilometer from our hotel. Some of Moscow's most notable landmarks, including Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral, are just a short drive away. Browse designer treasures at Barvikha Luxury Village, unwind with a stroll through Prince Yusupov's country estate or walk through Tretiakovskay Gallery before retreating back to the hotel. Check out more suggestions in the area below!

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Bolshoi Theatre

14.77 mi / 23.77 km from the hotel
Spend an unforgettable evening at this legendary theatre - the oldest in the city - with its world-leading resident opera and ballet troupes.
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Moscow Kremlin

14.61 mi / 23.52 km from the hotel
Snap a selfie outside Moscow's most famous historical and political landmark: an impressive walled complex of cathedrals, palaces and state offices.
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Moscow Zoo

13.42 mi / 21.6 km from the hotel
Fall in love with the residents of Russia's largest zoo, now a huge scientific, educational, and conservation institution.
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