What to do in Hasselt

Nicknamed the Capital of Taste, Hasselt is known as a city for the bon vivants, those who love life, and the Park Inn perfectly positions you in the city center to enjoy the city's finest treats. Browse the shops and attractions along Market Square. Join in the nightlife at Labyrinth Club, Entourage City Club or Versuz, one of Belgium's biggest nightclubs. From the hotel, you can easily walk to nearby museums, gardens, and cultural centers. Attend concerts by world-famous musicians at Trixxo Arena or the Pukkelpop festival. While you're in town be sure to capture the city's local flavors — Hasselt Jenever (a type of gin) and Hasseltse speculaas (a special type of cookie with cinnamon). Check out some of our suggestions for nearby attractions below.

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3.91 mi / 6.3 km from the hotel
Explore this park and open-air museum complex for a unique, off-the-beaten-track day trip and learn all about the history of rural life in Belgium.
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Fashion museum (MoMu)

45.44 mi / 73.12 km from the hotel
Dive into the world of fashion with this collection of over 25,000 iconic items, including couture from Belgian designers such as Martin Margiela and Raf Simons.
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Japanese Garden

0.79 mi / 1.28 km from the hotel
Get a glimpse of Japanese scenery and culture in the heart of Belgium. Enjoy a moment of contemplation and serenity as you stroll through this breathtaking garden.
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