Find out what to see, including Jai Vilas Palace, while in Gwalior

Stay at the Park Inn Gwalior to enjoy hotel rooms with views of the magnificent eighth-century Gwalior Fort and to be near some of the area’s best shopping at DB Mall, Dindayal Mall, and City Centre Arcade. You can take in the beautiful architecture of local temples, such as the Sun Temple, and marvel at the gold furnishings throughout the Jai Vilas Palace. Wondering what to see if you love animals? The Gwalior Zoo is a short drive away, or you can take a day trip to Madhav National Park to look for gazelles and Indian leopards. Our hotel is conveniently located next to Gwalior Railway Station and Gwalior Bus Stand for easy travel around the city, and Gwalior Airport (GWL) is just a 10-kilometer drive away. You’ll also save time staying close to major businesses like Scindia School, HDFC Bank, the State Bank of India, and the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM).

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City Centre Arcade

1.44 mi / 2.31 km from the hotel
Walk to the City Centre Arcade to find a variety of services and shops, including grocery stores, malls, drug stores, and temples.

DB Mall

1.09 mi / 1.76 km from the hotel
Be sure to pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes—you'll need them while covering the more than 125,000 square meters that make up DB, home to numerous shops and a six-screen multiplex cinema.

Dindayal Mall

1.18 mi / 1.9 km from the hotel
Discover more than 150 outlets, including kiosks, showrooms, restaurants, and anchor stores, at Dindayal, your one-stop shopping destination.

Gwalior Fort

1.43 mi / 2.3 km from the hotel
Spend a day touring this eighth-century structure built on a rocky hill of sandstone. Discover two main palaces, temples, and Hindu and Jain sculptures at the fort.

Gwalior Zoo

1.01 mi / 1.62 km from the hotel
Families love strolling through Gwalior Zoo, set up in a garden-like complex that is home to everything from snakes and birds to big cats, including a rare white tiger.

Jai Vilas Palace

1.27 mi / 2.04 km from the hotel
This 19th-century palace boasts a combination of architectural styles, including Tuscan, Italian-Doric, and Corinthian. The structure houses the famous Durbar Hall, featuring gilded furnishings, ornate chandeliers, and exquisite carpets.

Madhav National Park

60.82 mi / 97.88 km from the hotel
At Madhav National Park, you can see a variety of wild animals, including deer, gazelle, and Indian leopards. The park is also great for spotting birds like pond heron and white-breasted kingfisher.

Sanischara Temple

13.14 mi / 21.14 km from the hotel
Plan a day trip to visit the elaborate Sanischara Temple. You can pack a picnic lunch and admire the collection of sculptures representing a variety of gods and goddesses spread throughout the property.

Sun Temple

2.56 mi / 4.11 km from the hotel
Built in 1988 and dedicated to the sun god, this architectural wonder features red sandstone, pearly white marble, and lush surrounding gardens.

Tansen Art Gallery & Museum

1.07 mi / 1.73 km from the hotel
Browse a collection of stone sculptures and fine art by artists from all over India at this popular attraction.

Tigra Dam

11 mi / 17.7 km from the hotel
For a scenic stroll along the Sank River, head to Tigra Dam, a freshwater reservoir with panoramic views of the countryside. The dam also serves as a bird sanctuary.

Phool Bagh

0.89 mi / 1.43 km from the hotel
Known as the “Pragati Maidan of Gwalior,” Phool Bagh is in the center of the city and is famous for political activities. Find residential palaces, a museum, religious sites, and gardens in this culturally important area.