Yas Beach

Need some time away from the thrill of theme parks? Well, why not hit the beach? Yas Beach is a beautifully serene antidote to the hustle and bustle of the island's other attractions. With its white sands, crystal clear waters, and natural mangrove surroundings, Yas Island is an idyllically tranquil getaway for the entire family. With an elegant infinity pool, private chalets, and a number of bars and restaurants, you can take your pick between a fun family beach day or a glamorous afternoon of sophisticated sun-lounging. There's plenty to do on this cool corner of Yas Island. From adventures through the mangroves to adrenaline-filled sports, there's no end to the fun at Yas Beach. Get yourself set up on a sun lounger and start soaking up some rays, overlooking the breathtaking, calming beauty of aquamarine waters and beyond. Be sure to stop in at Noukhada adventure company to learn more about the many kayak and sailing experiences they have to offer. Looking to try your hand at more water sport activities?

Sun, sea and speed!

Get ready to let loose on the open waters. There's plenty of fun and laughs on the water when you decide to pair up with a friend and try out a couple of jet skis.

Beach Volleyball

Balls are available for loan and the beach court is free!

Outdoor Gym

Try your hand at challenging strength and resistance training with an amazing view!

Cabana life at Yas Beach

Book a cabana and make it a day at the beach with loved ones. Escape the city bustle and relax on a sun bed or in your own cabana beside the crystal blue waters of the infinity pool.

Relaxing in a private chalet

For everyone who wants to cool down indoors after a long sunbath or who wants some privacy on the beach, the chalets are the perfect fit. With the temperature set to maximize your comfort, you can get cozy on the sofa or in one of the padded chairs, listening to your own music and enjoying a great view of the beach that will ease your mind. Each chalet is equipped with a TV, comfy sofa, padded chairs, air conditioning, minibar, a personal safe, and restrooms with an open shower.

Island to mainland

Yas Island couldn't be more connected. Just seven minutes from Abu Dhabi Airport and serving almost 100 destinations around the world, the island is just 25 minutes from central Abu Dhabi and 50 minutes from Dubai and Dubai DXB Airport.