Balaustine Berlin

At Balaustine Berlin, you will find a blend of traditional and modern twists on Middle Eastern dishes in a vibrant and family-friendly atmosphere. 

Enjoy outdoor dining on our terrace overlooking the Berliner Dom, an elaborate 19th century cathedral. We can cater to dietary requirements and vegan options.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Berlin - Balaustine Restaurant Terrace

Dine your way

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Food culture

Balaustine is a buzzing home to one of the most prominent food cultures in the world. Discover vibrant, flavor-filled dishes, and punchy Middle Eastern-inspired cocktails.

Fresh textures

Fresh bright flavors and bold textures are our signature, with meats and vegetables cooked to smoky succulence on the char-grill, alongside intricate salads, fluffy fresh breads, and traditional yogurt-based dips.

Aromatic touches

Arabic coffee, the most popular form of coffee brewed in the Middle East, is ingrained within the Arab culture. We strive to continue this tradition and serve the finest Arabic and Turkish coffees in traditional coffee pots.

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