The serene hills and waterfalls sheltered in the greenery and tranquility of Lonavala

Lonavala is famous for its mystical caves, historic forts, scenic waterfalls, peaceful lakes and the picturesque, lush hills around, which makes the town a hotspot for nature lovers. With a host of activities to undertake, some of the must-visit sites include Tungarli Lake and Narayani Dham Temple. The Hill Station is also known for Chikki, a sweet studded with peanuts, very popular among both the locals and the tourists. 

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Lohagad Fort

6.65 mi / 10.71 km from the hotel
Lohagad is one of the many hill forts of India’s Maharashtra state. Situated close to the hill station Lonavala just 52 kilometers northwest of Pune, the fort has a long history with several dynasties occupying it at different periods of time, from the Satavahanas to the Nizams.

Tungarli Lake

0.69 mi / 1.1 km from the hotel
Also known as the Serenity Monsoon Lake, Tungarli Lake and the adjoining Dam is a throwback to India under British rule. Visitors can climb the mountain to reach the dam and enjoy Lonavala’s greenery.

Kataldhar Waterfall

2.51 mi / 4.03 km from the hotel
This impressive waterfall is situated in the lush greenery of the Ulhas Valley. Go hiking towards the popular Rajmachi Fort and enjoy the beauty of the route as well as rewarding views of Kataldhar Waterfall.

Bhushi Dam

3.51 mi / 5.65 km from the hotel
Bhushi Dam was originally built close to the dam to provide water for the steam engines which powered India’s growing railways. Now the site is a perfect spot to gaze at nature in all its majesty. During the monsoon season, the dam overflows which turns the site into a waterpark for all.

Lions Point

5.18 mi / 8.33 km from the hotel
Situated in Lonavala, this lookout point provides memorable, panoramic views of the region's sprawling landscapes. Make your way to the top and catch the sunset or sunrise for a special experience.

Narayani Dham Temple

1.14 mi / 1.83 km from the hotel
As temples go in India, the Narayani Dham Temple is a magnificent structure, with decorous marble floors and spacious halls to wander freely. At the temple, visitors can gaze at the deities and smell the roses in the beautiful garden.