Explore historical and archeological treasures near Nola

Although some of the historical Roman ruins were destroyed many years ago, many archeological sites remain nearby. Take a walk through the past at the History and Archeology Museum of Nola, where old world treasures are on display or visit the excavated ruins in Pompeii or Herculaneum. Enjoy a day trip to another nearby city such as the bustling metropolitan city of Naples, Caserta, or escape into the wilderness at the Vesuvius National Park. Read more below about these nearby attractions.

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Prehistoric Village of Nola

0.85 mi / 1.37 km from the hotel
These bronze age settlements were uncovered on the border of Salerno and Nola, in Croce del Papa. The ruins remained preserved, although buried by pumice and ash by an ancient eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Early Christian Basilicas of Cimitile

1.56 mi / 2.52 km from the hotel
Located in the small village of Cimitile, next to Nola, this complex shows off various religious buildings dedicated to different saints, some of which date back to as early as the 4th century.

Nola Cathedral

1.69 mi / 2.72 km from the hotel
Visit the Cathedral of Nola, built upon the tomb of Saint Felix of Nola. Built and rebuilt over the centuries, this once Gothic, now Neoclassical cathedral and its museum are must-sees in Nola.

History and Archeology Museum of Nola

1.82 mi / 2.93 km from the hotel
Take a journey back in time to discover the many treasures and history of the city. This museum tells you the story of Nola and the surrounding regions from prehistoric times, to the imperial age, and the medieval ages.

Vesuvius National Park

8.1 mi / 13.03 km from the hotel
Discover over 50 kilometers of routes through this beautiful national park or walk along the crater of its active volcano and enjoy the views of the surrounding region of Campania.

Herculaneum Archeology Sites

11.72 mi / 18.86 km from the hotel
The ancient ruins of Herculaneum, along with Pompeii, are some of the most impressive ruins ever excavated, making them a UNESCO World Heritage site. Revisit the past as you journey through this ancient city.

Archeological Sites of Pompeii

12.8 mi / 20.6 km from the hotel
Visit the haunting and captivating village of ancient Pompeii, whose famous ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore relics and what daily life was like in this ancient city through guided tours and exhibits.

Royal Palace of Caserta

13.13 mi / 21.13 km from the hotel
Built in the 18th century, this palace in Caserta features grand halls, rooms, and intricate designs throughout. Enjoy the garden, inspired by the famous Versailles, and check out various statues, fountains, and botanical garden.


13.16 mi / 21.18 km from the hotel
Naples is a metropolitan hub in the southwest of Italy. Explore the historical city center by visiting one of the many squares, cathedrals, or palaces. And of course, dine in one of its many restaurants or bars for a taste of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.