Explore the landmarks and attractions near Liège's medieval old town

While staying at our city center hotel in Liège, visit the cultural and historical landmarks. A short walk will take you to Place Saint-Lambert, an open square that was once home to the medieval St. Lambert's Cathedral. From the square, continue walking toward the Meuse River and discover the many attractions along the way. Below are a few points of interest to help you get started seeing the best of Liège.

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Montagne de Bueren

0.46 mi / 0.74 km from the hotel
Visit this impressive stone staircase that dates back to the late 1800s, located a couple of blocks from the Meuse River. Climbing the 374 steps may be a challenge for some, but it offers unique city views at the top.

Aquarium-Muséum Universitaire de Liège

0.66 mi / 1.07 km from the hotel
Spend the day with the family at the city's aquarium and museum. In addition to viewing and learning about more than 150 species of marine organisms, the museum showcases skeletons of both aquatic and land mammals.

Brasserie C

0.44 mi / 0.7 km from the hotel
At this brewery and brewpub, you can sample a range of local beers, including the brewery's original called Curtius. Sit at the terrace and enjoy a gourmet snack from the menu with your drink. There is also a store where you can buy local products.

Trésor de Liège

0.45 mi / 0.72 km from the hotel
Explore the artifacts and collections in the Liège Cathedral's impressive treasure museum. Located in the heart of the city, this unique landmark is perfect for art and history enthusiasts.

Patinoire de Liège

1.07 mi / 1.72 km from the hotel
Spend an afternoon with the family on this Olympic-sized ice skating rink, or visit to watch a local ice hockey match. Located by a shopping center, the Patinoire de Liège is close to restaurants, but there is also a brewery inside.

Le Carré

0.32 mi / 0.51 km from the hotel
When looking for restaurants, bars, and shops, look no further than Le Carré. This pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is among the more lively and dynamic areas in downtown Liège.